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Engagedly is an advanced analytics and reporting tool that can be used by organizations to identify development areas and areas of strength. Engagedlys is a best platform for employee development with advanced setting for competency based feedback, anonymity, self nomination, external reviewers and flexible rating scales. Insights can be provided on your employees by different teams, roles and departments. Customized templates for different roles based on job title driven competencies can be created by using highly customizable feedback templates. Blind spots as well as opportunities to succeed can be identified. A true view of employee gaps can be shown by customizable and comprehensive 360 reviews from peers, directs and external parties.
SurveySparrow is a 360 Feedback Software that can measure employee performance, uncover actionable insights, drive productivity and growth. You can track 360 assessment status, generate custom reports for each employee, invite at one go with easy contact imports and set-up Employee Experience Management Suite with SurveySparrow. You can get your reports in your inbox with the schedule feature and also you can slice and dice data with filters and custom views. You can custom domain, email as well as CSS. The software can be integrated with any app you use and open up various possibilities.
AssessTEAM is a cloud-based 360-feedback performance management software that supports all evaluation methodologies. Tracking your project productivity, project profitability and team profitability becomes simple with AssessTEAM. After the pay rates for your employees are entered, it is then compared with project budgets in real time using employee timesheets and the project managers will get alerts if projects are at risk. Smart, data-driven decisions can be made based on effective employee evaluations. As job clarity can be delivered with a simple evaluation process, this leads to happier, more productive employees and greater profits for your business. As your project budget can be compared with time invested by employees to generate real-time project profitability dashboards, managers will be able to make timely data-driven decisions.

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