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Segment is used by companies that relies on cloud-services for running its business to collect user events from every customer touch point including your website, web and mobile apps, tools. A complete data toolkit can be provided to every team in the company. The redundant and repetitive work that comes with integrating new tools can be taken care of, data pipelines can be maintained and data quality can be managed by using segment. It helps businesses improve marketing operations with database management, task assignment and more. It is a customer data platform that helps you capture and collect data from every customer interaction, consolidate that data into centralized user profiles and audiences, and connect the right data to the tools that help your teams to grow.
Metadata is a Demand Generation platform for B2B marketing that automates repetitive tasks which are considered as the most important for the organization. Audiences of the highest-potential buyers from your target accounts can be automatically build, multi-channel campaigns can be launched, monitored, and optimized by understanding the ideal customer profile of your company. Metadata platform can be used to launch and manage your paid campaigns so that the capacity of your team can be increased without hiring anyone. As the repeatable and time-consuming parts of launching campaigns can be automated, you can focus your time on the big things. You will be able to quickly learn what your buyers want as you can experiment at scale with your messaging, ad creative and offers.
Wrike is an account-based marketing software solution used and trusted by organizations worldwide to create tailored content for prospective clients. The digital campaign performance insights can be delivered right into your workspace by using Wrike. As your requests, approvals, and reporting processes can be simplified, you can spend more time focusing on getting your creative concepts and execution exactly right. Requests can be streamlined by centralizing, automatically prioritizing and assigning them to teams which reduces the time spend by an average marketer on sending emails. Your account-based campaigns can be managed and revenue growth can be increased on one platform with various features of Wrike. You will be able to kickstart campaigns with ready-made templates. The progress can be tracked and deadlines can be updated with easy-to-configure Gantt charts, as well as detailed reports can be created to share results with stakeholders.

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