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Email Shield
Email Shield is an Accounts Payable Software that can be used to take control of payments fraud and business email compromise. All inbound invoice submissions and account or wire change requests can be seen. Email requests can be checked against millions of known fraudsters and methodologies. Hundreds of rules proven can be run to catch most hard-to-detect forms of invoice fraud. Phishing, account takeover, social engineering and vendor fraud schemes can be easily identified. Trusted contacts can be quickly verified and fraudulent emails, senders and vendors can be exposed with one click. Machine learning, customizable rules and real time global anti-fraud network can be leveraged.
TYASuite is an Accounts Payable Software that is especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to improve and enhance the growth-related needs of these companies. The software helps in bringing accuracy in cross-departmental operations with its user-centric platform. As your entire inventory flow from the requisition stage to stock issues can be automated, your working capital can be reduced. Purchase requirement generation can be automated based on inventory levels. The most demanded item can be analyzed and allocated to the nearest location. Productivity can be increased by allocating the right employee for the right task. Wastage can be identified and the process can be optimized for a better outcome.
Procurify is an Accounts Payable Software that allows you to approve and track your purchases without maintaining multiple spreadsheets and paper forms. Approval routing workflows can be gained for company-wide spending and purchases. Requesting items, purchasing from vendors, receiving, can be streamlined and the accounts team can be prepared to make accurate payments. Your existing accounting systems can be connected and enhanced. Proactive control of the spending of your company can be gained with approval flows. Payments can be made with confidence after matching purchase orders to invoices. your chosen invoice and their attachments can be exported from Procurify with simply a click. Complete invoice context and information from Procurify inside QuickBooks can be viewed Online. Time can be saved by removing manual entry steps and duplication of work.

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