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Ad Server Software:

Ad Server Software is a software that is provided to Web sites and advertisers by Ad serving technology companies to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the Web site or advertiser the most money. It can also monitor the progress of different advertising campaigns.

Types of Ad Server Software:

Generally, Ad servers are divided into two types. These include: publisher ad servers and advertiser ad servers.
An ad server is a Web server that is used by publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and ad networks to manage and run online advertising campaigns. It stores the advertising content used in online marketing and delivers that content onto various digital platforms such as websites, social media outlets, and mobile apps. Ad server software is used to make instantaneous decisions about what ads to show on a website, deliver ads to users and manage the advertising space of a Web site. A third-party ad servers or advertiser ad servers provide an independent counting and tracking system for advertisers and marketers.
Advertisers can also count clicks and impressions in order to generate reports by using an Ad server. This report helps in determining the return on investment for an advertisement on a particular Web page.
Usually a centralized ad server is used by advertisers and marketers that enables them to generate progress reports on-demand and update their creative content in one place. This centralized server controls the rotation of advertiser and distribution of content across the Web, which makes the tracking and management of advertising material easier. Separate ad servers are there for publishers to communicate advertising material across their domains only. This will be more convenient for the publisher, as they will have access only to the advertising content they require for their publication.

Functionality of Ad Server Software:

The most common functions of ad serving are as below:
  • It can upload advertisements and rich media
  • Control traffic ads according to differing business rules
  • It can target ads to different users, or content
  • It can be tuned and optimized based on results
  • It can report impressions, clicks, post-click and post-impression activities and interaction metrics.
For running an online advertising campaign and ensure that the advertising content is being displayed where and for whom it is intended, all of the above functionalities are essential. It also helps analyze the effectiveness of a campaign, whether or not the content is generating the desired results.
More advanced functions include:
  • frequency capping which is limiting how many times a user can see the content. Advertisers can also limit ads by setting a cap on money spending. Advertisers can limit the number of different events within a specified time frame by setting frequency, click, and action capping.
  • sequencing ads  
  • search engine optimization.It provides tools for automated optimization of campaigns and creatives.
  • targeting
  • third party ad server can be integrated with a DSP and direct and programmatic deals can be alternated.
  • because of readily available rich media and video templates, advertisers can use pre-made templates for their convenience instead of writing code for creatives.

Benefits of Using Ad Server Software for Advertisers:

There are several benefits of using Ad Server Software for Advertisers that include:
  • Advertisers can structured their ad serving activities and reduce the cost due to a lack of data and human errors by using an Ad server software.
  • An ad server enables demand partners buy traffic from multiple sources. All these campaigns can be managed in one place because of centralized server.
  • Using a wide array of ad formats, it is possible to run cross-platform, complex ad campaigns.
  • Ad campaigns can be optimized in real-time and tagging the audience becomes possible with precise targeting.
  • Results can be monitored and performance data can be collected from supply partners.
  • Ad budgets can be relocated to best-performing traffic sources.

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