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Agarbatti Making Machines:

Agarbatti is utilized for aesthetic reasons, and in therapy, meditation and ceremonies. It may also used as a simple deodorant or insectifuge. Agarbatti is made up of a range of materials like Bamboo sticks, Wood saw dust, Water and fragrance oils. The raw materials are powdered and then mixed together with a binder to form a paste, which, for direct burning incense, are then cut and dried into pellets.
Incense sticks or Agarbatti making business is very profitable small scale business in India which you can start with very little investment. The procedure of agarbatti making is very simple and can be done using machines. Agarbati machines makes the production easier and produces high quality agarbatti in short time.

Steps Involved in Agarbatti Making:

Get agarbatti making machines:
Cost of agarbatti making machine depends on its speed and total production capacity.
Select one reliable company who provides service in case of break down. These machines will work smoothly for a week or a month but after that it requires maintenance and servicing.
Get raw materials:
Raw materials used in the making of agarbatti are coal powder, Gum powder, Bamboo sticks, Jikit powder, perfumes, etc.Raw materials are easily available in any part of India.
Select a proper location and install machinery:
Buy machines from dealer in your city or nearby city. That dealer will send a technician who will install machine at your location.
He will also give you extra training about how to operate machines and how to make agarbatti. At the time of emergency or break down of machine you have to contact the same person/dealer again.
Staff hiring and training:
Machines are not that bulky, it is light weight and easy to operate. You will need one dedicated staff in every machine for smooth production of agarbatti.
Apart from this, you will require 3 more additional staff for mixture making, agarbatti drying and packing.
Preparation of Mixture or Masala:
This is very important part because if your mixture is not accurate then your agarbatti will not burn till the end. You have to learn the process of making mixture from agarbatti machine technician or dealer.
Load mixture and bamboo sticks into machine:
After the preparation of mixture, load them into machine with bamboo sticks and make raw agarbatti.
Collect raw agarbatti:
One dedicated staff is needed to collect the raw agarbatti produced. He/she will then keep that agarbattis in sunlight for drying up.
Dry in sunlight or use Dryer machine:
If your manufacturing unit roof does not get direct sunlight then you should buy a dryer machine. Dryer machine is also beneficial for rainy reason.
Add scent:
Many raw agarbatti manufacturers do not add perfumes by their own. They only sell raw agarbatti to the company who adds perfumes. You can also add your own perfume to make your own brand.
Packaging and supply:
For raw agarbatti packing you will need jute bags(40kg each). For packing of your own scented agarbatti you will need high quality packing with your brand name mentioned on it.

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