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Attar is an essential oil derived from botanical or other natural sources through hydro or steam distillation.

Some facts about Attar:


  • The concentration level of oil dictate the strength and longevity of a scent.
  • Attar is nature based and is is more long-lasting than perfume as these are more concentrated.
  • Attar smell stronger than EDTs and they stay on the skin for a long time.
  • The attar of flowers was first derived by the Persian physician Ibn Sina from distillation.
  • Although, Attar can also be expressed by chemical means but generally these are distilled with water. 
  • Generally, the oils are distilled into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged.
  • The aging period can vary from one to ten years depending on the desired result and botanicals used
  • Flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil are distillated over sandalwood oil or liquid paraffins using hydrodistillation technique to produce attar.
  • This process of making attar involvs a still (deg) and receiving vessel.
  • Attar is believed to be something that attracted angels and warded off evil spirits by Islamic cultural folk.
  • Usually, these are more cost effective than overpriced luxury perfumes.
  • Even a high quality attars made of khus (vetiver), kewra flowers, and certain types of jasmine can be available at low prices.
  • You can get rich, concentrated, natural, and realistic smelling interpretation of these natural ingredients by spending a few hundred rupees.
  • However, attars can be expensive depending on the type and quality of the raw materials, distillation process, and base oil in which the attar is mixed.
  • There is no alcohol in attars which is important from a skin-friendly perspective as attars are not drying, and instead, contain oils to nourish the skin.

Classification and Uses of Attar:


  • Attars are classified based on their perceived effect on the body such as Warm and Cool Attar.
  • Warm attars such as musk, amber and kesar or saffron are used in winter, as they are believed to increase the temperature of body.
  • Cool attars such as rose, jasmine, khus, kewda and mogra are used in summers for their cooling effect on the body.
  • Although ittars are mostly used as a perfume, they can also be used for medicinal and aphrodisiacal purposes.
  • Attar is also used within the incense and food used as offerings. 
  • Attar is used in aromatherapy to heal problems through aroma as the natural ingredients in attar are soothing for the human mind and help in relieving ailments like headaches, depression, and stress.


Musk is a class of aromatic substance that is produced by Moschus moschiferus, which is a rare species of the male deer found in the Himalayas.
The process of acquiring it involves killing the deer as the substance used in creating musk can only be produced by a mature male Moschus.
Synthetic musk is known as white musk.
Natural musk is mostly mixed with medicines and confectionary which works as an antivenom and strengthening organs.


Ambergris is a waxy substance excreted by the sperm whale which are retrieved from beaches and the sea.
It  has a musky aroma.
Ambrein is extracted from ambergris which is an alcohol used as a scent preservative

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