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BidJs is an Auction Software that is simple low cost pricing and quick and easy to set up. It is completely real time and works across multiple devices. Buy Now, Make Offer and live webcast bidding are the selling options. You will be able to completely translate all of your content, from the buttons to the lots. You can have full control of your own data. BidJS is customizable and works with your own branding. Absentee Bidding, Alerts/Notifications, Bid Management, Billing & Invoicing, Buy Now Option, Inventory Management, Live Auction, Membership Management, Online Auction, Online Bidding, Proxy Bidding, Silent Auction, Watch List and Website Management are some of the features that can be included in BidJs.
Promena e-Sourcing
Promena e-Sourcing is an Auction Software that offers e-Auction, e-Sourcing, e-Procurement and SRM solutions to its customers in their purchasing activities with the aim of providing high efficiency, effective control of time, labor and cost savings. English Auction, Dutch Auction, Japanese Auction, Brazilian Auction, Yankee Auction are the five types of auctions which are commonly used by buyers. The most efficient improvement in costs, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain can be provided through Promena. Absentee Bidding, Alerts/Notifications, Auction Management, Audit Trail, Bid Management, Budget Management, Cataloging/Categorization, Collaboration Tools, Fixed Asset Management, Live Auction, Membership Management, Online Auction, Online Bidding, Performance Metrics and Purchase Order Management are some of the features that can be included in Promena e-Sourcing.
Easy.Auction is an Auction Site Builder that supports Forward/English, Private and Reverse auctions where you can edit colors, logos, content, prices and more than 100 other options without any tech skills or code. Anti-bid sniping measures, auto-bidding, and minimum sales price/reserve price for sellers are premium auction features included on every plan. All your data are encrypted and virtually breach proof by employing premium grade safeguards to your site. You can log a ticket with the friendly support team and get quick help with any kind of issue. You can choose to charge your sellers a percentage of sales for which the sellers require a account. You can also charge a flat fee per transaction.

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