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DialogLoop is an Audience Response Software that can be used by Presenters, live streamers, artists, performers, and event organizers to interact with their audience during live and remote events. There is no need to download any App as attendees can connect to a Web platform using a link to see content, participate in digital Q&A and engage in polls. They can be connected to the network using the private Live Chat, phone and Video Call of DialogLoop. Presenters will be able to create polls as well as share live content to the mobile devices of attendees during a PowerPoint presentation for direct interaction. Audience engagement can be maintained and promoted with polls, surveys, word clouds, and digital Q&A. Your books, sponsors and company can be promoted while you present. An event-app can be quickly created in one click, within your PowerPoint slide deck.
Kahoot is an Audience Response Software that is best for Education Corporate training as fun learning games can be created, played and shared in minutes for any subject, in any language and device for all ages. Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Content Library, For Education, For Onboarding, For Sales Teams or Organizations, Goal Setting or Tracking, Leaderboards, Learning Management, Multi-language, Performance Metrics, Progress Tracking, Remote Access or Control, Reporting and Statistics and Rewards Management are some of the features that can be included in Kahoot. Studying can be made fun and inclusive to a class by using Kahoot. It can also be used during meetings for a fun and interactive experience as it is very helpful in making meetings more fun and engaging.
VoxVote is a free mobile voting platform with unlimited audience that can be used by event organizers, speakers on stage, quiz hosts, teachers, presenters, or everybody who presents on stage to have a live interaction with their audience. Your audience can use their smartphone as interaction can be added to your event. Quiz and answers can be added to live polls or a wordcloud can be created based on their responses. An unlimited number of respondents are allowed and it has many features which can be customized. Commenting or Notes, Feedback Management, Gamification, Data Analysis Tools, Live Results Tracking, Moderation, Nominations, Online Voting, Phone Voting, Q&A Management and Ranked Choice Voting are some of the features that can be included in VoxVote.
ClassPoint is an integrated interactive teaching and classroom quiz tool that can be used by educator who uses PowerPoint as they can add more student engagement to their classrooms using only one application. Teachers will be able to quickly turn their PPT slides into interactive quizzes, run the quizzes with students, collect their live responses, score students and save data in a single app. Handy annotation tools and digital whiteboards are also provided inside PowerPoint. There is no need to switch to other applications as educators will be able to achieve all the features within PowerPoint by using ClassPoint.
Sizle is a free document toolkit that can be used by teams working in consulting, biotechnology and life sciences, healthcare and medical, finance, retail and technology. Documents can be added quickly and accurately in one click. Even large and complex files can be easily added very quickly and accurately in one click. Documents can be easily annotated, converted, merged and customized with powerful markup and editing tools. You can stay on the pulse with real time viewer analytics by choosing a sharing method and setting viewer identification rules. Collaboration Tools, Data Analysis Tools, Email Management, Engagement Tracking, Feedback Management, Live Results Tracking, Personalization, PowerPoint Integration and Sales Onboarding & Training are some of the features that can be included in Sizle.
Vevox is a real time polling and anonymous Q&A platform for audience engagement that can be used for internal communication meeting and events, as well as lectures in higher education establishments and universities. Virtual as well as hybrid meetings and classes can be made unmissable by providing participants the opportunity to have an equal say wherever they are located. Your hybrid meetings and classes can be made unmissable, interactive, democratic and more fun. Vevox is the most intuitive employee engagement technology that comes with user friendly features. Action Item Tracking, Agenda Management, Assessment Management, Collaboration Tools, Commenting/Notes, Communication Management, Conferences/Conventions, Customizable Branding, Data Analysis Tools, Email Distribution, Feedback Management, Gamification, Higher Education, Interactive Learning and Internal Meetings are some of the features that can be included in Vevox.
Slido is an audience interaction platform that can be used by anyone looking to enable open conversation at a live or virtual meeting including internal communications professionals to team leaders, conference organizers, and individual presenters. Slido help you to get the most out of team meetings as well as events, both in-person and virtual because of its polling and quiz features. Slido can be integrated with Webex, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Google Slides as it works with popular video conferencing and presentation platforms. Conferences/Conventions, Data Analysis Tools, Feedback Management, Live Results Tracking, Moderation, Multiple Question Types, Online Polling, Phone Polling, PowerPoint Integration, Presentation Tools, Q&A Management, Social Promotion, Support Audio/Images/Video and Surveys & Feedback are some of the features that can be included in Slido.
Glisser is a virtual and hybrid event hosting platform with an integrated audience response system that can be used by event planners, marketers, HR professionals, trainers, salespeople and educators. Live streaming video content is allowed in this platform. Slides can be instantly presented to all attendee devices, audience engagement features can be used to improve the delegate experience and powerful event analytics can be delivered. Topflight security protocol can be maintained. Abstract Management, Access Controls/Permissions, Attendance Tracking, Attendee Management, Audience Analytics, Audience Engagement, Collaboration Tools, Commenting/Notes, Customizable Branding, Data Analysis Tools, Electronic Hand Raising, Feedback Management, File Sharing, Gamification and HD Audio/Video are some of the features that can be included in Glisser.
Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere is an Audience Response Software that can be used by organizations looking to create more dynamic and engaging meetings, classes, training and events. One way presentations can be transformed into a lively dialogue with the entire room. Participants can submit live responses to your activities by using the smartphones and devices they carry every day. Audiences can be easily engaged across hybrid workspaces through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds and more. Presentations can be made more interactive because of the ability to display results of polls in real time can be offered. Data Analysis Tools, Gamification, Live Results Tracking, Feedback Management, Mobile Survey, Multiple Question Types, Online Polling, Moderation, Phone Polling, PowerPoint Integration, Presentation Tools, Q&A Management, SMS Polling / Voting and Support Audio/Images/Video are some of the features that can be included in Poll Everywhere.
MeetingPulse is a fast, easy-to-use, app that can be used by organizations from large companies to startups and from webinar hosts to churches and meetings for audience polling, Q&A, surveys and more. Industry leading companies are using this app for town halls, all hands, webinars, employee engagement, and events. No downloads are required as it opens instantly on any mobile or desktop device in the browser. Fully anonymous participation option, real time feedback ability, live sentiment analysis, raffles and extended customization are some of the key features of MeetingPulse. Most features and settings can be easily customized. It is a fun way to engage participants during meeting.

Audience Response Software:

Audience Response Software is a software that is used to create interactivity between a presenter and its audience for live events. Interactive participation of the audience in meetings, conferences, events, corporate training, and educational programs can be enabled by this software. The presenters can seamlessly build polls, surveys, stream content and their presentation to attendees mobile devices. Attendees can connect to the Web platform of Audience Response Software to access the content, participate in real time surveys and live Q&A, and interact through live private chatting and networking
The Audience Response Software is connected with the computer of presenter that help him in presentations along with data collection and reporting functions. The software can be used as an interactive voting system, by which you can collect the feedback or opinion for a particular event from the participant. Audience feedback can be collected by the organizer in meetings, conferences, classroom, etc. The Audience Response Software comes in several forms. Some are apps that can be integrated into your PowerPoint presentation, or other presentation software, that let the audience respond to questions from their mobile devices. Another type of audience response system, uses clicker technology, or small handheld keypads, that lets the audience respond to questions by pressing a button. Each of these structure can be integrates into a presentation software like PowerPoint and results can be collected immediately for speakers to analyze.

Benefits of Audience Response Software:

Audience response software offers many potential benefits to those who use it in group settings, Some of these include:

  • You can interact with your listeners through an audience response software instead of leaving questions to the end of your lecture.
  • Listeners are more attentive as they have encouraging questions and feedback throughout the session.
  • The audience will better remember the information if they are engaged in the material.
  • A variety of questions like true or false, multiple choice, ranking, and other polls can be incorporated to increase audience participation.
  • Polling results can be displayed immediately. The audience response system includes software that runs on the computer of presenter that records and tabulates the responses by audience members.
  • The software also provide real time analytics that lets you know if the audience understands the lecture so that you can adjust your presentation accordingly.
  • A series of warm-up questions can be asked to understand what the audience knows about the topic and address gaps in the level of knowledge.
  • Feedback can be collected immediately following the lecture, conference or meeting to gather valuable insights, and know whether your audience understood and found the information helpful. So, audience understanding of key points can be confirmed immediately.
  • An audience response software makes events and lectures more interesting as the audience are involved in the discussion. An interactive and fun learning environment can be created.
  • The software help improve attentiveness and increase knowledge retention.
  • Polling can be done anonymously as sending responses by hand held remotes is anonymous. The software summarizes the results by taking the aggregates responses by listing the percentage of respondents who have chooses a particular answer. The software also allows you to ask questions in truly anonymous mode, so that the database is not even associating answers with individual respondents.
  • Tracking individual responses is possible. When a user sends his/her response, the information is stored in a database associated with each identifying number, and presenters have access to that information after the end of the interactive session.
  • Audience response software record audience responses, and those responses are stored in a database which can be used for reporting and analysis.

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