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Audience Response Software:

Audience Response Software is a software that is used to create interactivity between a presenter and its audience for live events. Interactive participation of the audience in meetings, conferences, events, corporate training, and educational programs can be enabled by this software. The presenters can seamlessly build polls, surveys, stream content and their presentation to attendees mobile devices. Attendees can connect to the Web platform of Audience Response Software to access the content, participate in real time surveys and live Q&A, and interact through live private chatting and networking
The Audience Response Software is connected with the computer of presenter that help him in presentations along with data collection and reporting functions. The software can be used as an interactive voting system, by which you can collect the feedback or opinion for a particular event from the participant. Audience feedback can be collected by the organizer in meetings, conferences, classroom, etc. The Audience Response Software comes in several forms. Some are apps that can be integrated into your PowerPoint presentation, or other presentation software, that let the audience respond to questions from their mobile devices. Another type of audience response system, uses clicker technology, or small handheld keypads, that lets the audience respond to questions by pressing a button. Each of these structure can be integrates into a presentation software like PowerPoint and results can be collected immediately for speakers to analyze.

Benefits of Audience Response Software:

Audience response software offers many potential benefits to those who use it in group settings, Some of these include:
  • You can interact with your listeners through an audience response software instead of leaving questions to the end of your lecture.
  • Listeners are more attentive as they have encouraging questions and feedback throughout the session.
  • The audience will better remember the information if they are engaged in the material.
  • A variety of questions like true or false, multiple choice, ranking, and other polls can be incorporated to increase audience participation.
  • Polling results can be displayed immediately. The audience response system includes software that runs on the computer of presenter that records and tabulates the responses by audience members.
  • The software also provide real time analytics that lets you know if the audience understands the lecture so that you can adjust your presentation accordingly.
  • A series of warm-up questions can be asked to understand what the audience knows about the topic and address gaps in the level of knowledge.
  • Feedback can be collected immediately following the lecture, conference or meeting to gather valuable insights, and know whether your audience understood and found the information helpful. So, audience understanding of key points can be confirmed immediately.
  • An audience response software makes events and lectures more interesting as the audience are involved in the discussion. An interactive and fun learning environment can be created.
  • The software help improve attentiveness and increase knowledge retention.
  • Polling can be done anonymously as sending responses by hand held remotes is anonymous. The software summarizes the results by taking the aggregates responses by listing the percentage of respondents who have chooses a particular answer. The software also allows you to ask questions in truly anonymous mode, so that the database is not even associating answers with individual respondents.
  • Tracking individual responses is possible. When a user sends his/her response, the information is stored in a database associated with each identifying number, and presenters have access to that information after the end of the interactive session.
  • Audience response software record audience responses, and those responses are stored in a database which can be used for reporting and analysis.

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