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Emex EHS & ESG Software
Emex EHS & ESG Software is a a cloud based software that consolidates all EHS and ESG processes and reporting capabilities. Organizations can use this platform to standardize their audit processes, schedule audits and assign to users and teams. Your audits from can be integrated from simple observations to more dynamic audit findings. Documents and materials can be attached, non-compliant items can be easily identified, corrective actions can be raised, and you can approve with digital signatures. Summary reports can be generated and your analytics can be reviewed to monitor performance. Workplace trends can be confirmed and future performance can be predicted.
TeamMate Audit
TeamMate Audit is a comprehensive audit management system that can be used by auditors and audit department leadership to manage all aspects of the audit process. Risk can be identified and evaluated, audits can be created and managed, projects can be scheduled and resources can be allocated, T&E can be captured, issue remediation can be managed, monitored and reported on status with notifications and dashboards by using this software. Productivity can be improved and agility can be enhanced to address business changes. Critical business systems and key stakeholders can be connected to eliminate siloed decision-making and improve organizational performance. Integrated analytics can be implemented to uncover hidden risks and obtain objective, comprehensive results.
Qualityze Suite
Qualityze Suite is a robust, intuitive audit management software that manages end-to-end audit lifecycle and compliance for LifeSciences, Pharma, Manufacturing, Automobile and Aerospace industry. As the software is built on Salesforce, you can securely access your quality data anywhere in the world. The growing needs for audit management can be managed to meet the compliance and quality goals in a capable way. Your quality data can be connected, analyzed, shared and transformed with ease. The software comes with an intuitive user interface to manage compliance and risk with end to end process management of internal and external audits. Organizations will be able to create checklist library, audit planning, improve audit program efficiency and reduce cost, manage audit findings effectively, drive continuous improvement, enhance visibility of audit results, conduct offline audits, digital signature, audit trail, etc.

Audit Software:

Audit Software is a software that is used to focus on for standardizing your enterprise auditing. A healthy auditing process can monitor, record, and calibrate the inputs, outputs, functions and operations of each department in an organization to streamline productivity and guarantee quality.
Audit Software is a must for the fields with many compliance and safety regulations. You can schedule and conduct customized audit processes with real time evidence collection by using an audit software which will make the internal audits much simpler. Organizations can meet regulatory requirements by simplifying workflows and the process of compiling and tracking EHS-related audits with proper audit and risk management processes in place. Organizations can streamline inspections, follow-up processes, and corrective actions, and increase compliance by using audit software. The software is facilitated by an excellent mobile user interface and a secure cloud host, that lets you conduct audits efficiently and create reports with web-based AI Data Analytics.

Features of Audit Software:

There are several features of Audit Software. Some of the most common features include:

  • Your own version of checklists can be created for the exhaustive inspection and corrective analysis over the workspace and premises of your organization.
  • The entire audit data can be analyzed, monitored and summarized in the all inclusive eclectic dashboard.
  • All type of evidence such as an image, video, voice or free hand, can be captured, collected and attached as media files in real time.
  • The software can be hosted in your company owned server.
  • As it support cross platform with enhanced portability, it keeps you away from any constraints related to conducting audits.
  • Your detailed audit reports can be shared and managed to a wider spectrum through automatic report generating system.
  • Instant notifications of ongoing inspection can be send via email.

Benefits of Audit Software:

Benefits of incorporation auditing software into your business include:

Improve Performance:

Under-performing departments and inefficient procedures can be identified by using audit software and thus these can be eliminated to improve overall performance.

Save Time:

As auditors have to use a number of manual methods for certain functions, traditional auditing is time consuming. There is also higher chance of human error which increases with the size of organization. Calculations are accurate and can be done with no disruption to normal functions by using auditing software which will save much more time. This help you focus on more concrete business areas.

Ease of Use:

The software is designed with user friendly interfaces with very little learning curve. It also it comes with an intuitive guide to help you get started within no time. So, it is very easy to use.  Any kind of technical knowledge is not required to implement the auditing tool. The necessary information can be retrieved in a timely and efficient manner. This help improve the quality of data, and positively affect your overall performance.

Strengthens the data security:

There are absolutely no chances of loosing or destroying the data by using audit software. As all the data are stored in cloud, data security is strengthened.

Eliminates human errors:

As the process is fully automated rather manual, the errors are completely removed while adding data to the software. Also, there is no chance of having any reports with error as the tracking of audits become automatic.

Generates report faster:

Reports can be generated with in no time once the data are fed in the audit software. The report generated by the auditing software is highly intuitive and professional, which helps you to take the data driven decisions.

Generates visual statistics:

The visual representation of your auditing data using graphs can be generated by audit software. It also shows you what is trending among the enterprises for auditing with the pivot tables.

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