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oculavis SHARE
oculavis SHARE is an augmented reality platform that provide remote guidance with remote expert support, augmented reality workflows and industrial grade management features for visually connecting experts, technicians and end users of machinery & equipment. Remote customer services, global networking of manufacturing plants, remote audits and maintenance are some of the use cases that are covered in its feature.oculavis SHARE can be embedded in your operational processes by a variety of management features to get the most out of your use cases. oculavis SHARE can be run on your local infrastructure or easily deployed in the cloud as the most flexible deployment options are provided.
Viewit3D is an Augmented Reality and 3D product visualization software using which better purchasing decisions can be made, the conversion rate can be increased and returns can be reduced. Customers will be able to rotate the product and zoom in to see all the details because of 3D visualization. they can also try your product at home in real size using their mobile phone camera before buying because of Augmented Reality. There is no need to download an app as it is compatible with all devices directly from their browser. Request and manage 3D objects, Content Creation, Customize Product Scene, Track views & usage metrics are some of the key features of Viewit3D
VSight Remote
VSight Remote is a collaboration and knowledge sharing platform using which experts will be able to to connect with each other and also to the field. It help and solve the problems remotely. The software can be used by Manufacturing, Energy, Field services, Automotive, Maintenance, repair & operations (MRO), Mining, Utilities, Telecom, Construction, Insurance, Healthcare, HVAC, Real estate, etc. Two way video and audio communication, PDFs, manuals, step by step instructions, and 3D models are represented in the real world. A sense of the actual situation can be provided with AR features and high resolution photo sharing with annotations. Travel costs and problem solving time can be reduced as well as misunderstandings can be eliminated by using VSight Remote.
CGTrader ARsenal
CGTrader ARsenal is an augmented reality software that can be used by retailers, manufacturers and product brands to generate photorealistic 3D product content at scale. The transition to 3D product visualization can be made fast and seamless for creating, managing as well as publishing 3D and AR assets. 3D assets can be deployed seamlessly across all platforms and customer touchpoints from virtual showrooms and configurators to product pages and marketing channels. It can be ensured that you get top-notch quality product visuals in unbeatable turnaround times with automated 3D delivery pipeline. Consumer engagement and purchasing confidence can be increased to drive more revenue.
Augmentir is an augmented reality platform that can digitize and optimize your front line work processes. Digital work instructions can be delivered to your front line teams on mobile devices or AR enabled smart glasses by transforming to a paperless operation. The skills gap can be closed, errors can be reduced and productivity can be improved by using Augmentir. Your workforce and your customers are virtually supported. Remote collaboration of customer is possible because of fetures like chat, live video, audio, file sharing, and AR annotations. The AI captures of Augmentir and accumulated tribal knowledge from SMEs will be turned into a sharable corporate asset. Companies will be able to identify opportunities for improving worker skills through AI based operational insights which help driving continuous improvement throughout the organization.
Unity is an augmented reality platform that can be used by automotive, transportation, film, architecture, and other industries to create interactive content. Human machine interface can be created, splash screen can be customized and AR simulations can be build by the help of this game engine. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux with all in one editor. Both 2D and 3D content are supported with a number of custom tools available. You can create objects in other applications and then directly export it from the app and import into Unity. It is a versatile and powerful platform for creating video games.
Zakeke is a cloud platform that can be used by brands and retailers who are offering configurable, multi-option and customizable products, both online and offline. Brands can offer live Product customization and 3D & AR view to their customers. Your customers will be able to customize your products with texts, images, materials, colors and more, before they buy them by integrating it with your store.An immersive and unique 3D shopping experience can be offered with AR. Any item in your store can be turned into a customizable product with real time 2D, 3D & AR by using Zakeke.
TeamViewer Pilot
TeamViewer Pilot is an augmented reality platform that can be used by Manufacturing, Customer Service, Utilities, Telecom, Construction, Insurance, Field Service, Automotive, Maintenance & Repair, Healthcare, Retail, Training, Electronics, HVAC and Real Estate to identify and solve problems in the real world as an easy, fast, and secure remote assistance can be provided. The remote control ability of the software can make it possible for you to work at various places at literally the same time. The output or various work related activities can also be controlled. It is very easy to set up on any device and there is no much hustle to access too from any kind of device.
FactoryTalk is an augmented reality platform that can be used by multi-plant and complex industrial enterprise to improve workforce productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction with real time. Automation, analytics, IoT & AR expertis can be leveraged. Bottlenecks can be identified and unplanned downtime can be avoided as operations can be improved and visibility can be increased. Operator training time can be reduced and improvement opportunities can be identified. Engagement & retention can be improved. The software is user friendly and different protocols of industrial communications are allowed. 3D Objects, Access Controls/Permissions, Ad hoc Analysis, Ad hoc Reporting, AI/Machine Learning, Application Development, Asset Tracking, Benchmarking, Big Data Analytics, Business Process Automation are some of the features that can be included in FactoryTalk.
Librestream Onsight
Librestream Onsight is an augmented reality platform that can be used by nterprises in manufacturing and heavy equipment, oil & gas, utilities, renewable energy, test inspection and certification services, aerospace and defense, and mining for safer, more efficient and resilient workforces as workforces can be transformed with AR & AI enabled knowledge networks. The onsight solution of Librestream is the leading augmented reality platform, built for industrial enterprises. It is deployed in 193 countries on 6 continents and supports translations in 27 languages. Immediate access to the content, people, relevant data, and guidance needed in any environment and on any device can be provided by onsight as it is compatible with existing workflows and ecosystems.

Augmented Reality Software:

Augmented Reality Software is a software that help create enhanced immersive experiences by computer for virtual tours, gaming environments, and training simulations. It can also be used in retail to help customers virtually try the product before they purchase the product.
The software works in conjunction with devices such as tablets, phones, headsets, and more to merge the digital visual content into the real world environment of the user. The sensors, digital projectors, and the appropriate software of these integrating devices enables these computer generated objects to be projected into the real world. Users can interact with it and manipulate the model once a model has been superimposed in the real world. AR is commonly used for entertainment purposes such as gaming, specifically 3D, and to display contextual information. Camera display of the hardware can be pointed at an object to display valuable data.

Uses of Augmented Reality Software:

AR software can be used by users in a number of different fields. These include:

  • Retail: As AR retail applications allow users to upload a photo of themselves and visualize how a particular piece of outfit would look on them, retail industry can leverage AR technology so that consumers can virtually try the products before they make a purchase. These kinds of applications can also be used by shoppers to visualize how a piece of furniture would look in their house.
  • Education: Since AR software is capable of projecting a map or object, this helps the students to visualize what they are learning about. Therefore it can be used in the classroom to supplement lessons.
  • Repair and maintenance: As AR software can be used to project valuable data and is able to inform the user about where a certain part is supposed to go, these can be used in repair and maintenance work by wearing AR glasses.
  • Medical: As all the documentation and videos related to a surgery are not realistic enough to prepare a trainee surgeon for a real surgery, AR technology can help them visualize what the actual surgery would be like. So, AR technology can be used for training purposes of doctors, particularly surgeons.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Software:

Some of the benefits of using AR software in your business include:

  • AR software provides a complete product view by allowing potential customers to visualize and interact with your product or service before purchasing which help them to make better informed decisions.
  • It is provided with enhance content as various types of data can be embedded onto content by the user. People can point their device at a real life object to learn any kind of information that is required for them, instead of searching for it elsewhere.  
  • AR solutions is capable to train employees more thoroughly than any kind of documentation or meetings. Trainees can learn job responsibilities by fully visualizing them, instead of just reading about job duties.
  • The software help improve workflow and processes at your business. Potential risk and dangers can be identified quickly by factory line workers, along with accessing necessary resources which is very helpful for manufacturing based organizations.
  • As AR can enhance a user's experience with your brand, inserting augmented reality into print and television advertisements can catch the eye of your target audience.

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