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DealerCenter is one of the top dealer management solution in the auto industry. DealerCenter is best suitable for the independent used car dealer who is looking for dealer management system functionalities at the most competitive price in the market. It is easier to manage your dealership with DealerCenter as your entire operation is centralized. DealerCenter contain all the contracts and paperwork required for you to get deals done quickly and accurately. Complete CRM, credit reports, hosted websites, auction run lists, mobile solutions and much more are offered by DealerCenter. Accounting, Collections Management, Contact Database, Document Management, Financing Management are some of the features that can be included in DealerCenter.
Rapid Recon
Rapid Recon is an Auto Dealer Software that works with dealerships of all sizes, shapes and type. It help you take used cars from acquisition to front line as efficiently as possible. Your gross revenue will be increased by using this automated workflow auto dealership software. Your recon process can be tracked more effectively with fully customizable Rapid Recon technology. Your time and money can be saved by using Rapid Recon. It can be used to track the progress of your inventory as it helps track, and keep things on track. Users can keep up with a vehicle throughout the process as it help in keeping track of where the vehicles are during the process.
AutoRaptor CRM
AutoRaptor CRM is a user friendly and powerful CRM for independent and BHPH dealerships. An advantage of a sales process, smart automation and immediate insights can be provided to increase productivity and maximize the return on your investment. An effective sales process can be implemented by dealer by capturing leads from all sources in one place by using AutoRaptor. Powerful features are provided that are easy to use. Your sales team will get to know which leads to focus on as it prioritize customers who are ready to buy. It also help supports dealers when they have questions with quick and knowledgeable responses. Customers will be organized and easy to keep up with by using AutoRaptor.
Frazer is a used car dealer software that can be used by independent used car dealers who want a high quality, easy to use DMS at an affordable price. BHPH and Outside Financing, Unlimited forms printing, Electronic payment processing integrations, Free Unlimited Technical Support by phone, chat or email can be provided. It can be integrated with finance company and has the ability to stay legal with federal & state-specific regulations. Full Accounting Suite is provided to manage your business and OFAC checks. It is easily accessible on multiple computers. You can quickly add vehicles and costs, search your vehicle screen, and pull inventory reports by using Frazer.
Elead is an automotive software that can be used by automotive dealer group enterprises, franchised and independent dealership retailers, and OEMs to help convert leads into sales, prospects into customers. Customers can be converted into trusted long lasting and rewarding relationships. A service oriented operation can be offered that provided a dynamic technology platform. The software can be integrated with all DMS providers. More leads can be created and managed effectively. Customer experience can be improved by having more productive conversations with them. Customer Retention and Cultivate Loyalty can be drived. Document Management, Lease Tracking, Contact Database, New Car Dealer, Service Department and Used Car Dealer are some of the features that can be included in Elead.
abcoa Deal Pack
abcoa Deal Pack is a real time accounting Dealer Management software that can be used by used car dealerships and subprime finance companies. The issues that are critical for the successful operation of your car lot, related finance company, service and parts operation can be addressed by Deal Pack. Buy here pay here, retail, external and internal leasing, and wholesale deals can be handled. Fully integrated multiple branch accounting with consolidated financials can be handled by Deal Pack. Accounting, Billing & Invoicing, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, Collections Management, Contact Database, Document Management, Expense Management, Financing Management, Inventory Management, Lease Tracking are some of the features that can be included in abcoa Deal Pack.
EverLogic is a QuickBooks integrated RV dealership software built specifically for RV dealership leaders. It can also be suitable to be used by Auto, Trailer, Full service dealerships that offer vehicle sales, parts and accessories and service. Customer support, automated updates and backups that keep you current and secure are the advantages you get with EverLogic. Every business process can be streamlined and access can be gained to valuable information. The accuracy of your dealership's accounting can be ensured as it is certified by Intuit Quickbooks. Insights about sales data, inventory information, customer analytics and much more can be easily. gained.
GaragePlug is a premium cloud platform that can be used by auto repair shops, car service centres, spare parts shops, car detailing shops, multi-brand garages & franchises for business growth. Auto repair and Auto Detailing workshop operations can be streamlined. This web based tool helps manage job cards, inventory, accounting and more. Job cards with digital signatures, inventory control, barcode/VIN scanning, service feedback, reminders, appointments are some of the modules of GaragePlug. Time can be saved by creating digital job cards. All the reports can be collected at one place. Real time inventory management, effective technician time tracking and smart vendor management is possible.
Selly Automotive
Selly Automotive is an Auto Dealer Software that is affordable for even the smallest used car dealer. Internet leads, emails, text messages, phone calls, and Facebook chats can be managed in one place by using Selly Automotive. It can be ensured that the right message should be sent at the right time whether it is a text or an email by SMART automation. It can be integrated with many of the solutions you already use including your DMS system. Selly Automotive can be used by BHPH, independent, small franchise, RV, Powersport, Motorcycle, and other dealer operations in the auto vertical.
DealersLink is an Auto Dealer Software that is best suitable for franchise and independent dealerships, multi-store as well as single lot locations. Dealers can source, appraise, price, market, manage and exit inventory by using the state-of-the-art DealersLink software. Inventory Optimization, Mobile Access, Document Management, New Car Dealer, Reporting/Analytics, Retail Inventory Management, Used Car Dealer and Website Integration are some of the features that can be included in DealersLink. Manufacturer new car incentives and rebates, bulk update pricing can be automatically managed. Compelling listings can be created with One Click OEM Data. It helps you keep track of orders and make sure that you know what is in your inventory.

Auto Dealer Software:

Auto Dealer Software is a software that is used to automate business operations, customer relationship management and accounting for dealerships of used and new car .
An Auto Dealer Software can provide you high level insights to the finest details of your business which helps you to make better decisions and identifying the spot where you are leaking profits, areas of improvement and opportunity. All these will help you in the growth of your business. The software allow business owners to monitor dealership operations more efficiently and see the big picture more clearly by bringing together many parts of a dealership on a single interface.

Feature of Auto Dealer Software:

An Auto Dealer Software helps manage automobile dealership in a more structural manner by keeps you updated about your inventory, distribution, work orders and purchases. The cloud based technology combines many tools that are required to run your business into a single platform, making it easier to operate.  Deal Management, Inventory Management, Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics, Send Scheduled Reports, Vehicle Registration, Titling & Temp Tags and many more can be integrated with the software. The software ensures that your inventory is displayed online and it also has a tools set to help you maximize your inventory exposure. The software uses data centers to keep the back up which is maintained under security standards. Features like Lead Integration from Third Party Listings, Email & SMS Integration, Campaign Management, Tasks & Workflow Management, Click to Call & Recording, Instant chat, video calling, and Facebook Messenger in Integrated Messaging Center and many more are provided in the CRM module that help you with the automation, prospecting, and reporting.
The software makes it easier for customers and dealers to do business with Brands by providing some capabilities that include:

  • You can get all the product information or initiate a transaction by scanning a product serial number
  • Pictures can be added from camera to any transactions like a support request or a warranty claim
  • Connected products can be interfaced to capture information or send data to
  • Status of any transaction can be checked from mobile device
  • Notifications can be received for updates on any interaction
  • All the tasks can be managed with a consolidated in-box or work-queue
  • All information about products, customers, transactions and knowledge can be searched and accessed

Benefits of Auto Dealer Software:

There are several benefits of using an auto dealer software. Some of them include:

  • The Auto Dealer Software helps to improve Customer Experience, Technician Productivity, and Aftermarket Revenues.Productivity of field sales and service personnel can be improved.
  • As the customer service is faster, customer experience is enhanced.
  • Simplified access to information, knowledge and transactions.
  • Revenue is increased because of satisfied and loyal customers. Customer experience can be enhanced while reducing the cost of service delivery and grow revenues.
  • Cost is reduced because of accelerated delivery of mobile solutions.
  • Productivity is improved because of efficiencies of contact centers and service operations.
  • Customer Retention, Loyalty, and Profit Margins can be improved by arranging connected customer experiences across all channels including web, mobile, email, and stores.

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