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Apploader is an automated performance testing software that can be used by organizations to standardize and speed up repetitive processes related to quality assurance aspects of software development. The entire business flow can be tested including all third party apps, without adding plugins or writing a single line of code. The users interactions can be replicated with your application and valuable metrics about users experience can be provided including screenshots of failures. The software is compatible with all versions of Citrix, Cloud-Based & Hybrid infrastructures, EHR systems, custom apps. The workflow for your own workloads can be easily defined to fit your business processes.
TAST is an Automated Testing Software that can be used for the test automation of new and legacy technological platforms without the need of coding. All types of test including Cross Browser & Mobile Testing, API Automatic Testing, Mainframe Automatic Testing, Load & Parallel Testing, Regression & Performance Testing, and A/B Testing can be covered during the testing lifecycle. The cloud test automation platform of the software maximizes test automation across the complete testing process, from an End User perspective. The maintenance costs can be reduced and productivity can be increased. Executions on-demand and unattended are allowed. It can be integrated with DevOps tools such as Jenkins, JIRA, ALM, etc.
Leapwork is a test automation and RPA that is accessible and easy to maintain. The visual, no-code automation platform of Leapwork makes it easy for business and IT users to automate repetitive processes, so that automation can be adopted and scaled faster by enterprises. Repetitive and time consuming tasks can be eliminated. A high degree of responsiveness can be ensured to customer needs and outpace changes in the marketplace. Risk can be reduced by providing protection against costly downtime or revenue loss associated with errors. Customers are delighted with consistent quality. Enterprises can benefit from automation and scale faster with the fastest learning curve on the market.

Automated Testing Software:

Automated testing software is use to record and execute your test case suite. The comparison between actual and expected outcomes is done in this type of testing. It can be replayed as required. Any human intervention is not required once the test suite is automated. The process of performing software testing activities with little or no human interaction is known as automation. This is done in order to achieve greater speed and efficiency.
The main purpose of automation is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually. But this can not eliminate manual testing altogether. The automation software can enter test data into the system under test, compare expected & actual results to generate detailed test reports. Test Automation requires considerable investments of money and resources.
There are so many different types of automation testing software are available. This depends on some factors which include:
  • the types of application they test such as web, desktop, mobile
  • in the way the test cases are set up such as by writing code using a scripting language, writing code in a full programming language, recording steps performed using a GUI
  • in their licenses such as free, premium, commercial

Choosing The Right Automated Testing Software:

You can choose the right automated testing software based on many factors. These include:
  • The automated testing software used for a desktop application are different from every automation tool that works only for mobile and web.
  • The second factor that you need to consider is the learning time required to understand the functionality of a tool or testing software. A tool might be widely known and used, but if its learning time takes too much time, it will time consuming to understand its functionality. You might opt for the software if you want your team to take their time learning the tool because of its benefits
  • Pricing of the software plays an important role in choosing the automated testing software. You can choose the software looking in to the budget of your team or department for tooling. Many of these software available are free or at least have a free tier. This will allow you to at least try them before making a final decision.
The selection of automated testing software also depends on the technology the Application Under Test is built on. Select the one with ease of use with a user friendly interface that has the ability to recognize objects in any environment

Benefits of Using Automated Testing Software:

Automated Testing Software is widely used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are time consuming to execute by manual testing. It also support both functional and non-functional testing. Automated testing software is important due to the following reasons:
  • Testing of all workflows, all fields, all negative scenarios manually is time consuming and costly
  • Testing for multilingual sites manually is very difficult
  • Human intervention is not required in automation. You can run automated test unattended
  • Automation helps increase Test Coverage as well as the speed of test execution
  • More cycle of test execution can be done through automation
  • Ensure consistency and are reliable in results

The scope of Automation:

The area of your Application Under Test which will be automated defines the scope of automation. To help determine the scope, consider the following points:
  • Features which are important for the business
  • Scenarios having large amount of data
  • Common functionalities in the application
  • Complexity of test cases
  • If it is possible to do a cross browser testing
  • Technical feasibility
  • The extent to which business components are reused

Different types of software testing which can be automated:

The different types of software testing which can be automated are:
  •     Smoke Testing
  •     Unit Testing
  •     Integration Testing
  •     Functional Testing
  •     Regression Testing
  •     Data Driven Testing
  •     Black Box Testing
  •     Keyword Testing

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