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A baby walker is a device that can be used by infants who cannot walk on their own to move from one place to another. Baby walkers helps  give babies to walk while they're learning to walk. But you have keep them monitored as it can cause serious injuries. Your baby can start using baby walker  between the ages of 4 to 16 months.It also helps babies to hold his head up quite steadily and have his feet touch the floor.

Is Baby Walker harmful for babies

Some Pediatrics recommends not to use baby walker as they can discourage your child from learning to walk on his own, but also because they can be dangerous.

Advantages of using baby walkers

Parents have more time for other activities.
Boost your baby's sense of independence.
It helps entertaining your little ones.

There are a few basic types and of baby walkers and how they are used.

Convertible walker. A convertible walker is a seated walker that can be flipped to a sit-to-stand walker when the child gets older and starts walking on their own.
Seated walker.
Sit to stand walker.

There are many brands including Mee Mee Baby Walker, Goyal's Monkey Baby Walker,LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker,BAYBEE 2 n 1 Sit to Stand Push and Pull Baby Walker,Panda Baby Walker with Music. Baby walker price starts from 700 rupees. You may get discounts and offers in baby walkers while buying online. You can Choose from a wide range of Baby Walkers at with best deals & offers from popular brands.

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