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Backup Software:

Backup software is a software program used to keep a backup of files, databases or entire computers.  These programs create exact supplementary copies of files, databases or entire computers may and can use it later to restore the original contents when the data is lost.

Features of Backup Software:

The features of backup software make it more effective in keeping the back up data. These include:
Data Compression:
Data can be compressed in a hard drive to reduce the size that takes less space to be stored.
Compression and spliting the backup data into separate parts can be done by voluming that can be stored on smaller, removable media such as CDs. CDs are used for this purpose as these are easy to transport off-site and inexpensive compared to hard drives or servers. However, small, portable, durable USB drives are now available that are now considered as the easier and more secure methods of transporting backup data off-site. Because of increase in hard drive capacity and decrease in drive cost, voluming is not a popular choice in recent years.
Access to open files:
A plug-in is provided by most of the backup software for accessing exclusive, in use, and locked files.
Differential and incremental backups:
Only  the new, modified  or changed materials is actually backed up compared to the backed up data as the backup software support differential backups and incremental backups. This feature increases the speed of the backup process over slow networks and also decreases the space requirements.
Encryption is provided in many backup software for highest level of data security. Cryptography features are provided by many backup software to protect the backup and prevent data theft.
You can set your backups according to time or system event schedule to an external drive to happen regularly. Usually schedules are supported to reduce maintenance of the backup tool and increase the reliability of the backups.
Transaction mechanism:
Some backup software provide transaction mechanism for critical processes to prevent loss of previously backed up data during a backup.
Native Data Formats:
The backup software saves data on external storage in native formats, which allows the user to these data directly from backups.
Auto Backup on USB Drive by Plugging:
Backup tasks can be set up to start automatically in a backup software regardless of particular slot used. It starts automatically when you plugged in the specified device to a USB slot on your PC.

Benefits of Data Backup:

  • By backing up data, you will be able to retrieve files and information. You can access the specific files in seconds. You can not only access the data quickly, but also be able to access this data from any location with an Internet connection if you are using a cloud storage system.
  • Power outages because of extreme storm or a random blackout can potentially damage the hard drive of your computer. Also there are many risks, like fire, computer viruses, theft, flooding and hardware failure when you are storing backup copy in a remote place. A backup software ensures data security against the loss of your important information. You can still recover all your data from online backup copy and you will not loose any valuable files if the main drive is damaged or is stolen.
  • Performing a routine backups on your files in your computer is an added advantage of security against the threat of Internet viruses.
  • A backup is very essential and found to be efficient when there is a operating system crash.

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