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NextChapter is a web based bankruptcy software program that can be used by Legal professionals such as attorneys, paralegals and support staff. Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases can be prepared on any browser, any device, any time with this bankruptcy software. NextChapter can streamline everything you need to run your bankruptcy practice in the cloud with intuitive time-saving features, clean design, integrations and firm customization. Bankruptcy Case Management, Calculators, Calendar Management, Client Management, Critical Date Alerts, Document Management, Electronic Filing, Exemption Management, Forms Automation, Legal Forms Library, Task Management and Time Tracking are some of the features that can be included in NextChapter.
Best Case
Best Case is a bankruptcy software program that can be used by Legal professionals preparing and filing bankruptcy cases, including attorneys, paralegals and office support staff to prepare, file and manage bankruptcy cases of Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. Time can be saved on every case by the help of built-in tools. Tedious manual data entry can be eliminated by integrated data and accuracy can be increased. You always have the most up to date federal and local forms and revised Census Bureau and IRS data with Best Case. Bankruptcy Case Management, Billing & Invoicing, Calculators, Calendar Management, Case Notes, Client Management, Critical Date Alerts, Docket Management, Document Management, Electronic Filing, Email Management, Exemption Management, Expense Tracking, Forms Automation and Legal Forms Library are some of the features that can be included in Best Case.
BankruptcyControl is a web based bankruptcy software program that can be used by creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and their attorneys to service loans involved in bankruptcy. Your assets can be protected with early warning notification when customers file bankruptcy with a complete default servicing platform. Automated Notices, Client Management, Compliance Management, Contact Management and Credit Reporting are some of the features that can be included in BankruptcyControl. Options like flexibility, automation, add-ons and integrations are provided to set up your workflow the way you want. It is a complete default servicing platform.

Bankruptcy Software:

Bankruptcy Software is a software that is used to create different types of files required for electronic filing of bankruptcy cases. The software provide necessary legal forms, maintain court compliance, allow electronic filing of court forms, and provide bankruptcy case management functionality that help lawyers and law firms in many ways. The bankruptcy case preparation, e-filing and post-petition filing can be streamlined by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Bankruptcy Software:

There are several features of Bankruptcy Software that help the lawyers and law firms to get maximum benefit out of these by using the software. Some of these include:

  • As the software is cloud based, the client files can be accessed by you from any device, on any browser, at any time.
  • The bankruptcies of your client can be prepared more efficiently by removing double data entry, eliminating confusing order and introducing real-time validation.
  • As the the tedious process of completing bankruptcy paperwork becomes more easy by using the bankruptcy software, time can be saved which can be used in your practice and other valuable things to improve your efficiency and performance.
  • The software allows users to input a piece of information only once but that can be used in multiple places on forms and in the application.
  • It helps you move quickly through the bankruptcy petition documents by eliminating double and triple data entry which helps you save more time.
  • You can enter pay advice, property assets and the Statement of Financial Affairs on a case by case basis.
  • The law firm dashboard that has all the information in one place can be accessed from any device at any time, using the software which is safe and secure.
  • Downloads or plug-ins are not needed to access the software.
  • With real-time updates, customization and collaboration, the software keeps your client information safe.
  • You can track related contacts such as judges, creditors, co-debtors, and trustees, by adding related contacts to every case.
  • As all the routine document management tasks can be automated, you can save time and that can be spend on billable work.  
  • Specific client details can be tracked by maintaining a record for the day to day activity of your firm in custom contact data fields. Custom fields can be added for bankruptcy clients such as SSN, income figures, asset figures, and more.
  • Each step of the case resolution processes can be managed by status and owner that include Upcoming, Overdue, and Completed tasks by User, Task Type, Client, and Matter.
  • Legal documents can be shared with clients and co-counsel. You can also set permissions to authorize specific access for individuals at your firm.  
  • Case updates, changes, and other details related to the case can be shared with your clients and other associated parties.
  • Customized billing plans can be created and clients can be billed based on hourly rates, flat fees, or on a contingency basis.
  • You can improve your cash flow with payment plans. Recurring payments can be set based on what clients can afford, or automatic top-ups can be arranged for trust accounts.
  • Upfront retainer pre-payments can be accepted into trust, and these payments can be transferred into operating accounts.
  • As you are organized for all the process and have every single piece of information regarding a client and their case, you can meet the deadlines in time.

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