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Block is constructed by using either concrete or cement and may include a hollow core to make them lighter and to improve their insulation properties.

Some facts about Block:


  • The most significant properties of concrete include resistance to fire, a variety of aesthetic appeal and qualities, high structural capacity, strength, longevity, resistance to water, and insulating and acoustical advantages.
  • Blocks are economical building materials meeting any specialized requirements of client and require minimal maintenance.
  • Block is commonly used for the inner leaf of cavity walls.
  • These are called as breezeblock when made from an aggregate of stone or industrial waste such as clinker or breeze.
  • Block can be used in construction of load bearing walls, retaining walls, partitions and foundations.
  • The size of a standard block is 440 mm x 215 mm which is the maximum size that one person can comfortably lift. The width of block can range from 50 mm to 300 mm.
  • The type of block selected for a particular application depends on its density, load bearing characteristics, appearance, weight and handling properties and thermal characteristics, such as U-value or thermal mass.
  • Cement, fine aggregate and course aggregate are used in the manufacturing of Dense blocks. They be used for structural purposes, such as foundations and load bearing walls.
  • Dense blocks can be made in a range of crushing strengths which have poor thermal insulation and readily absorb water. However, these blocks have good thermal mass.
  • Lightweight blocks may be slightly more expensive than dense blocks. Thermal insulation characteristics and ease of handling are the main advantage of lightweight blocks.
  • Cement, lime, sand, pulverised fuel ash (from power stations) are used in the manufacturing of Aerated blocks.
  • In addition to their light weight and good thermal insulation, they are popular for good resistance to water penetration because of their closed cell structure. Good fire protection can be provided by Aerated blocks.  They are easy to cut with a saw and can accommodate fixings such as screws and nails.  
  • A foaming agent is added to concrete and then the blocks are autoclaved with steam in the manufacturing of Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks.
  • 1 : 3 proportaion of cement and sand in mortar mixes are unsuitable because they will not accommodate movement in the blockwork.
  • They might include mixes such as cement : lime : sand 1 : 1 : 6, cement : sand with plasticiser 1 : 6, masonry cement : sand 1 : 5 or cement : lime : sand 1 : 2 : 9  for above ground uses.
  • A slightly stronger mortar can be used for below ground, such as 1 : 0.5 : 4 cement : lime : sand.
  • The average strength of mortar for Dense blocks is 1:1:6 or 1:2:9.
  • Stronger mortars are sometimes specified below ground level. However, they can limit movement and can cause cracking of the blocks.

Types of Concrete Blocks:


  • Concrete blocks are mainly classified as Solid concrete blocks and Hollow concrete Blocks depending upon the structure, shape, size and manufacturing processes.
  • Solid concrete blocks are the most commonly used blocks, which are heavy in weight and manufactured from dense aggregate. Good stability can be provided to the structure as they are strong. Therefore, these solid blocks are preferable for  large work of masonry like for load bearing walls.
  • It takes less time to construct concrete masonry than brick masonry as they are available in large sizes compared to bricks.
  • Hollow concrete blocks are manufactured from lightweight aggregates and has void area greater than 25 percent of gross area. The solid area of hollow bricks should be more than 50 percent. The hollow part can be divided into many components based on our requirement.  
  • Hollow concrete blocks are light weight blocks and easy to install. Hence, are used in high rise buildings.
  • Stretcher block, Corner block, Pillar block, Jamb block, Partition block, Lintel block, Frogged brick block and Bull nose block are different types of Hollow Concrete Blocks.
  • The corner in the masonry are joined by using stretcher blocks. Stretcher blocks are the most commonly used concrete hollow blocks in construction which are laid with their length parallel to the face of the wall.
  • Corner blocks are used at the corners or ends of masonry which can be window or door openings etc.
  • Corner blocks are arranged in such a manner that their plane end is visible to the outside and other end is joined with the stretcher block.
  • Pillar block, also called as double corner block are generally used when two ends of the corner are visible. These blocks are widely used in case of piers or pillars.
  • Jamb blocks  are connected to stretcher and corner blocks when there is an elaborated window opening in the wall. It can provide space for the casing members of window for the provision of double hung windows.
  • Partition block has larger height than its breadth and the hollow part is divided into 2 to 3 components. These are generally used to build partition walls  
  • Lintel Blocks are used on the top portion of doors and windows, which bears the load coming from top. These have deep groove along the length of block which is filled with concrete along with reinforcement after placing the blocks.
  • Frogged brick block has a frog on its top along with header and stretcher which helps the block to hold mortar and to develop the strong bond with top laying block.
  • Bullnose blocks are same as corner blocks and are preferred when rounded edges at corner is required.

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