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A loose fitting upper garment that is worn by women, workmen, peasants, artists, and children is known as a blouse. Most commonly it refers to a dress shirt of a girl or woman. It is typically gathered at the waist or hips to be hung loosely over the body of the wearer. It can be made tight at the waist by means of hem, pleats, parter, or belt.

Types of Blouse:

Choosing a blouse of perfect fitting and type that compliment your body shape and size can be tough. Blouse comes in variety of style, color patterns and designs.It also come with traditional prints. Some of the designs are as below:
Long Sleeved Blouse:
Long sleeved blouse is a good option if you have long but flabby arms. A slight twist can also be added to them, like going all flared, or by adding ruffles near the wrist. This can divert attention from your tummy flabs and take them to your slender looking arms. These are perfect for winter season. Anyone not in mood to accessorize herself with stacks of bangles can try this blouse. However, make sure to stick to the sleeves that go according to your body shape and size
High neck blouse:
High neck blouse are meant for someone with a long,slender,toned neck and toned set of collar bones. These are designed to not much show of skin or pondering over the cleavage show. Make sure to go for a drape that has not too much of heavy fabric. Always go for lightweight flowey fabric which will remain clinged to the body and gives ample space to the blouse to leave a mark.
Off shoulder blouse:
Off shoulder blouse is the best option for someone with toned pair of arms. Good shoulders and good toned collar bones can do wonders for this look.
But try to avoid this if you have broad,heavy shoulders or heavy bust, as it brings all the attention on that portion only. Make sure to to drape saree or dupatta of your lehenga as close as to your neck when you are wearing this blouse.
Long blouse:
Long blouse trend is meant for someone who wants to be free from worrying about cleavage and tummy flabs. Anyone with a toned or an average body shape can try this blouse. But it is advisable to try it without dupatta or with side slim pleated dupatta to show the blouse.
Strapless blouse:
Strapless blouse is meant for anyone with a toned body. You need to wear it with a well fitted strapless bra. Just try to keep the dupatta or saree pleated narrow for an elegant look.
U neck blouse :
U neck blouse suit everyone,irrespective of shape. Basically it is meant for for average busted women. It is not advisable for flat or heavy busted women as they bring all the attention to it.
Cutwork blouse:
Cutwork blouse suit women with a good figure, well toned bust and shoulder. This is meant for women who like to keep it classy and trendy and like to go innovative with their look.
Jacket blouse:
Jacket blouse is meant for women with petite or pear shaped figure. This style can be worn with a lehenga, saree or a dhoti. 
A party jacket blouse in silk looks flawless with a silk or satin. Whereas anything in cotton or georgette suits best for a meeting or a office routine.
Mirror blouse:
Mirror blouse was originated from rajasthan and gujarat. Beautifully embroided blouses with mirror patterns suit not just one piece of cloth but many. So if choosen wisely you can use the same piece in many different ways.
Back Buttoned Blouse:
The perfect appealing look can be achieved by the concealed beauty of back buttons and short sleeves. It is advisable to wear them with designer sarees.  

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