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Bluetooth Headband:

Headband headphones are just headbands with inner speakers that are comfortable for sleeping, playing music and bedtime relaxing. Bluetooth headband headphones for sleeping resemble high-tech sleep masks or headbands. Some offer the added comfort of blocking out light as you sleep, while others can also be used for listening to music when you work out.
You can play your music, podcast, or audio file in high-quality sound as these headphones connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It also give you a quiet or enchanting deep sleep environment. Wearing additional earphones is not required and also protect you from being disturbed by messy hair and sweat. Built-in microphone is there to ensure you to won't miss any callings. Sleeping headband headphones let you deep sleep anywhere. This Bluetooth headband is for Travel, Home, Hotel, Train or Anywhere Where one is Bothered by Light. This incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep headphones is suitable to use in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping and enjoy an uninterrupted, deep, restful sleep.
Soft and Elastic Bluetooth headband is comfortable and pain-free. Head straps that do not move or fall off while you are sleeping or running. This workout headband perfectly absorbs all sweat during sports activities like yoga, climbing, jogging, etc. The Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones is available for All devices which have the Bluetooth function such as cell phone, iPad, tablet, etc. It comes with long runtime means it won't run out of battery overnight as you sleep. Bluetooth sleep headphones save energy because they run on efficient USB-chargeable batteries that last for up to 12 hours in one use. They can also help you fall asleep quicker to high-quality sounds and total darkness. Bluetooth headband headphones obscure high calibre audio speakers and Wireless Bluetooth functionality, nicely fashioned for comfy night long tunes. It enables deep sleep and wo'nt harm your ears. An ideal help for sleep and fighting insomnia. The internal speakers are advanced and water-resistant. But take away the sleep earphones battery with a little device that's enclosed. After that you can thoroughly clean and 'sterilise the headband' material.

How to pair the device?

  • Before pairing, fully charge your SleepPhones Wireless headphones.
  • Place your Bluetooth device within 3 feet (1 meter) of your SleepPhones.
  • Find the middle square button on the wireless Bluetooth module located inside the headband.
  • Press and hold the square button for 5 full seconds until you hear anascending 3 ring tone followed by a series of beeps.
  • The series of beeps indicate that the module is in pairing mode.
  • Next, go into the Bluetooth settings on your device and turn on Bluetooth.
  • "AcousticSheep" will appear after a few seconds in the list of devices.
  • Click on "AcousticSheep" to pair your device to the Bluetooth module.
  • When you hear a long beep, this indicate that it is paired with your device.

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