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Brassinosteroids belongs to polyhydroxylated steroidal phytohormones class in plants which have similar structures to steroid hormones in animals.

Some facts about Brassinolide:


  • A wide range of physiological processes can be regulated in plant including plant growth, development and immunity by using Brassinolide.
  • Brassinolide is similar to animal steroid hormones in structure that play an important role in various aspects of plant biology. These include cell division, root growth, photo-morphogenesis, cell elongation, stomatal and vascular differentiation, seed germination, immunity and reproduction.
  • The metabolism of plant oxidation radicals, root gravitropic response and ethylene synthesis, can also be regulated by Brassinolide.
  • The responses of plant to stress, such as drought, salinity, freezing, disease, heat and nutrient deficiency can be conciliated by using Brassinolide.
  • A ide range of processes in plant development and responses to environmental stresses can be regulated by this plant hormone that can help increase grain yield, depending on growth status.
  • Brassinosteroids are classified based on different alkyl substitution patterns of the side chains as C27, C28 or C29.
  • Brassinosteroids can be found in many species of plants, including monoplast freshwater algae and brown algae.
  • The amount of BRs among distinct tissues of individual species may differ. The highest content of BR can be found in pollens, immature seeds, roots and flowers where as  shoots and leaves have lower amounts.
  • Endogenous BRs do not move between tissues but function in a autocrine or paracrine way as BR biosynthesis genes are widespread in different tissues of plant and BRs can be synthesized in situ.
  • The crosstalk with other hormones like auxins and gibberellin can provide a long-distance effects of BR.
  • Brassinolide should be transported from their synthesis sites in the ER to the plasma membrane and early endosomal compartments where they are recognized through passive or active intracellular transport.
  • Metabolism of BR can be classified into modification of their steroidal skeletons and their side chains.
  • Brassinolide can be inactivated because of dehydrogenation, demethylation, glycosylation, hydroxylation, epimerization, esterification, cleavage of side chain and sulfonation.
  • Inactive BRs should be converted into active forms to maintain the homeostasis of BR    .
  • Plant growth and development can be conciliated by the BR signalling pathway which is a complex phosphor relay system.
  • Plants need to balance their limited resources for growth and defence to ensure perpetuation. Brassinolide play an important roles in the trade-off between growth and defence.
  • Brassinolide is a potent plant growth stimulator and can be used as a natural fertilizer, mainly for agricultural plants.
  • Plants will be more resistance to pests, diseases, extreme heat, drought, extreme cold, nutrient deficiencies and salt as a result of which higher yields of fruit or seeds can be produced, and flower bud drop and fruit drop can be decreased.
  • There will be no residue left behind that can run off into the water table. Also, they do not harm or kill any insects, animals or humans that consume the plants with Brassinolide.
  • Brassinolide are given to plants in natural doses in natural ways to boost the immunity and resistance of plants.
  • Brassinolide are available to consumers either in a powdered or liquid form, that can be used to inoculate seeds before germination to speed up the process
  • They can also be applied into the roots of plants or used as a foliar feeding.

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