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ABBYY Business Card Reader
ABBYY Business Card Reader is a Business Card Software that can be used by sales, business development, partners and affiliate, HR, consulting and many others to scan and manage all their business cards and contacts in a flash. Paper cards can be converted into digital with a single tap. These digitize business cards can then be uploaded to Salesforce CRM Leads. Business contacts can be kept organized by company, event, etc. Contact Database, Contact Management, Data Extraction, Data Import/Export, Image Editing, Lead Management, Search/Filter, Segmentation and Shared Contacts are the main features of ABBYY Business Card Reader. Your time and space can be saved by using ABBYY Business Card Reader.
Covve is an AI-powered contacts manager that help you stay in touch, grow and leverage your network. You can scan and digitize business cards and get news alerts affecting your contacts. With your personal CRM, you can reach out with smart reminder, enhances your contacts, segment and quickly navigate your contact network. Your electronic business card can be created and shared. Your data can be kept private and safe. Contact Database, Contact Management, Data Capture and Transfer, Data Extraction, Data Import/Export, Data Quality Control, Data Retrieval, Database Creation, Document Generation, Email Address Extraction, Image Capture, Image Editing, Image Extraction, Interaction Tracking, Meeting Management are some of the features that can be included in Covve.
Switchit is a Business Card Software that helps sales professionals easily share their contact details by using beautiful digital business cards that also support video. The software is best suitable to used by sales professionals who wants a dynamic way to network. They can share engaging video content and build stronger relationships with their clients from an all-in-one platform. Professional, video-enabled digital cards can be created in a matter of seconds. It is an innovative platform where contactless Digital Business Cards can be created and shared in-person or online. A free and professional service can be provided to modern digital ID card designers by using Switchit.

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