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GAGEtrak is a calibration management software that is used worldwide by every type of industry to manage gages, maximize productivity and assure standards compliance. Unwavering accuracy, efficiency and standards compliance can be assured with GAGEtrak. Metrology assets can be effectively managed, scheduled and unscheduled calibrations can be monitored, forecast workloads, costs can be minimized and efficiency can be maximized by using GAGEtrak calibration management software solution. Your workload can be better managed, costs can be minimized, production schedules can be maintained and customer approval can be ensured while maintaining compliance with international quality standards such as FDA and ISO.
ProCalV5 is a Calibration Management Software that can be used to manage instrument calibrations and system qualifications. Your workflow and oversight practices can be automated, systematized and improved for both single department or an entire enterprise. Regulatory compliance can be ensured, practices can be improved, time can be saved, productivity can be increased and operational costs can be reduced by using ProCalV5. Tasks can be quickly assigned to technicians and work orders can be generated. Calibration certificates can be generated and you can auto print cal stickers. Multi-language with support for six different languages as well as work saving, real time paperless functionality are included in the software.
Metquay is a Calibration Management Software that comes with an inbuilt procedure and worksheet engine which allows the users to create and manage Calibration Procedures and Worksheets themselves. Your effort in Job creation, assignment and delivery can be saved by using Metquay. Metquay keeps you audit-ready at all times with automated certificate generation and version numbering. Quality risks and errors can be minimized by tracking. Your time on calibration and testing workflow can be saved as well as corrective actions can be taken effectively. Your assets can be manged with barcode labels, calibration history can be tracked and recall alerts can be send.
GageList is a full-featured companion mobile app for iOS and Android. Your gages can be managed from anywhere, any time, on any device by using GageList. Multiple users in various locations can have access to the same records in real time either from their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It has the ability to attach certs and the ease of gage tracking. Gagelist is cost effective, easy to use, and makes calibration easy to track and maintain. Data Migration Concierge Service is provided and is customizable to be applied to many industries. New features can be regularly discovered in the Web version.
Qualcy QMS
Qualcy QMS is a Calibration Management Software that has built in features for E-sign, audit trails and complies with 21 CFR part 11 requirements. Tracking is automatically done as the system will create the records and release to assigned owners. Reminders and notiifcations are send by the system. Time and money can be saved. Records can be accessed anytime, any Where and on any Device. Work orders can also be created anytime. The calibration and PM data can be entered by the user with handheld devices. The need for papers or double data entry can be eliminated. The compliance is made easy with built in features.
IndySoft is a cloud or on-premise built-in tools to help ensure compliance with all widely accepted standards. IndySoft can be tailored to support your data requirements and business flow. Productivity can be improved with equipment templates. Calculation of uncertainty and pass/fail data point readings can be done automatically. Automated emails, alarms and reports, barcoding, calibration scheduling and management, certificates, stickers and packing slips are some of the key features of IndySoft. Your workflows can be completely customized to mold the processes around the business, rather than conforming the business to how the software operates.
Qualtrax is a complete quality and compliance software system used in heavily regulated industries, where compliance with standards including ISO 17025, 17020, 13485, and 9001, TNI, GFSI, FDA and FQS are required. Time and money can be saved while increasing accuracy, efficiency and results. Documentation and records can be managed, business processes can be automated, customizable workflows can be managed, training management can be streamlined, internal and external audits can be managed and implementation of critical industry regulations can be ensured in real time by using Qualtrax.
QT9 QMS is a calibration management software that can be easily schedule by gage types, date and location. The software is easy to use, simple, flexible, scalable and can be setup in minutes. Calibrations is displayed by 10, 30, 45, 60 & 120 days out in real-time dashboards. All-in-one quality management software integration for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, AS9100 & FDA compliance is included in QT9 QMS. Compliance can be simplified with this user friendly quality management software as complex regulatory compliance standards can be managed easily. You can log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real time view of your compliance items.
Beamex CMX
Beamex CMX is a calibration software that helps in planning, managing, analyzing and documenting all calibration work and assets safely and efficiently, even in a highly regulated industry. There is no need of any paper work when you are connecting CMX with documenting calibrators and mobile devices. It can also be integrated with your CMMS. Your job can be made easier, faster and more compliant with quality and regulatory requirements. Time can be saved, costs can be reduced and productivity can be increased by preventing unnecessary double effort and re-keying of procedures into separate IT systems with this integrated solution.
ACCEPT is a calibration management software that can be used for industrial quality control. Critical parameters and statistical quality analysis can be done to ensure the efficiency of the production processes and the fulfillment of specifications and the quality of your product. It can be used by food, chemical, automotive, plastics, molds, components, metallurgical, textile, fuels industries. Alerts/Notifications, Audit Management, Benchmarking, Calibration Management, Calibration Scheduling, Certificate/Label Printing, Complaint Management, Compliance Management, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), Cost Tracking, Data Entry, Data Linking, Data Management, Defect Tracking andDowntime Tracking are some of the eatures that can be included in ACCEPT.

Calibration Management Software:

Calibration Management Software is a software that is automates the process of monitoring and calibrating industrial devices like weighing instruments, pressure sensors, gauges and other assets, which help organizations to ensure consistent quality and increase efficiency.
To have greater control over management processes, a  better management of the equipment is required that is used to measure and control manufacturing processes. Regular calibration is required for the industrial devices to ensure they are performing and measuring to specified tolerances.
Calibration is the method of ensuring a method or instrument used in measurement will produce accurate results. It is very important to keep a control of the maintenance of process instrumentation that is used for the Measurement of parameters like pressure, temperature, density, Viscosity, etc.. Therefore a Calibration management software is very essential for in all types of industrial settings that can be used to schedule the calibration of instrumentation and maintenance requirements. Calibration management software is mostly used in manufacturing industries, such as food and power production facilities, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals etc for maintenance, upkeep and repairing of the industrial asserts. The software can automates documentation to save time, minimize risks, and analyze information in order to make better and effective decisions.

Features of Caliber Management Software:

The major features of Caliber Management Software include:

  • Instruments that need to be calibrated can be identified.
  • Calibration requirements can be determined.
  • Calibration procedures can be established.
  • Equipment records, and calibration history records can be added, maintained and retrieved.
  • Future calibration due dates can be automatically scheduled.
  • Corrective action procedures can be developed.
  • Calibration results and activities can be documented.
  • Reports for calibration interval analysis can be compiled.
  • Audit trails can be done for calibration systems to track changes in the database.
  • Data can be backup and restored internally.

Benefits of Caliber Management Software:

There are several benefits of using a Caliber Management Software that include:

  • A caliber management software can automated all old and traditional methods that are used for calibration. It can eliminate spreadsheet utilization and make the process error free. Automatic alarms can be set on instruments that are due for calibration.
  • You can see the past record of the particular asset when it is not working as expected and you will get the information about the issues that was there and how it was resolved. So, the ability of tracking history and maintaining records will help you in resolving many issues.
  • Planning and scheduling of maintenance work help enhance the function of assets and equipment for any business. A calibration management software can automatically calculate the due date for calibration of an asset or equipment and upkeep as per the user defined time intervals. This will help decrease the downtime of assets and equipment. A planned maintenance service can help extending the life of assets and improve their productivity.
  • The software help increasing plant efficiency by automating and streamlining all the process. Production downtime is decreased and efficiency is increased, especially when the organization is automating a lot of labor intensive calibration work.
  • As a A manufacturing company owns a number of assets, auditing is very important for identifying and verifying what assets the organization owns. Utilizing Caliber management software with other software such as CMMS makes the analysis simpler and easier, which helps to optimize calibration.
  • You can get reports of an asset including  asset history, asset maintenance, asset records, etc with in a minute by using this software.

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