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Agile CRM
Agile CRM is a Call Tracking Software that can be used to make, receive, record, and analyze calls without leaving your CRM. You can say goodbye to partial recollection of telephone calls, improve sales performance, and always stay on top of your customer and prospect relationships with built-in call recording and advanced telephony capabilities of Agile CRM. Your sales, marketing, and service can be automated in one platform. Data leaks can be avoided and consistent messaging can be enabled. The software is a cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use. Everything from telephony to follow-up emails can be automated. Higher ROI can be reached with complete contact views, deal tracks, lead scoring, real time alerts and deep analytics.
NinjaCat is a scalable reporting platform that can be used by agencies, media companies, and multi-location brands to connect all your marketing data sources into a single platform. Stunning reports and dashboards that have the flexibility to scale with your accounts can be built and automated. The manual data wrangling and management can be eliminated, helping you accelerate your time to insights. NinjaCat helps Enterprise Marketing and Advertising teams to craft, templatize, and automate reports at scale in a single platform. Ad hoc Reporting, Benchmarking, Call Recording, Campaign Management, Campaign Tracking, Conversion Tracking, CRM, Dashboard, Key Performance Indicators, Keyword Tracking, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, Profitability Analysis, Social Media Monitoring and Strategic Planning are some of the features that can be included in NinjaCat.
FluentStream is a business phone system that provides complete business phone solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses. You will be able to better serve your customers by using this software. All of your communications such as voice, video, text, and analytics services can be managed and reviewed easily allowing you to make better business decisions. Call Recording, Call Routing, Call Tracking Metrics, Caller ID, Computer Telephony Integration, CRM, IVR / Voice Recognition, Queue Management and Reporting/Analytics are some of the features that can be included in FluentStream. The work flow of office and phone system can be improved as calls can be forwarded to cell phones easily.

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