Candle Raw Material

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Candle Raw Material:

Stearin, Paraffin, wax, wicks, dyes, Fats / oils are the most commonly used Candle Raw Material.

Some facts about Candle Raw Material:

  • Usually a candle consists of the wick and the candle body.
  • At least one burning mass or a mixture of burning masses is present in the candle body.
  • Further ingredients, like colours, lacquers or fragrances, may be added depending on the kind of candle.
  • The wick is usually made of several cotton strands to transport the liquid fuel into the combustion zone.
  • Wicks can differ in terms of suction capacity, yarn type and yarn strength as well as in their chemical preparation.
  • Performance of a candle depends on the selection of an adequate wick which need to be according to candle type, candle diameter, manufacturing process and fuel.
  • Other natural or synthetic fibres or paper can be used for weaving wicks as an alternative to cotton, or wooden wicks can be used.
  • Paraffin is a mixture of hydrocarbons which is the most widely used raw material for candles.
  • Paraffin can be defined as oil paraffin, soft coal paraffin or synthetical paraffin, depending on the origin.
  • Paraffin and/or paraffin compositions can be used as raw material for making of most candles for daily use because of technical processing advantages.
  • The burning mass consists of fully refined paraffin with added, higher-grade components in the case of ceresin candles.
  • The colour can alter from dark yellow to white, and the oil content from 0 to 15 percent according to the degree of refining.
  • Paraffin wax can be delivered in slabs, beads or powder. It can also be transported in liquid form in tank trucks.
  • Stearin is another raw material that can be used for the production of candles whose basic materials are fats and oils, both animal and plant based.
  • Candles that are made of pure stearin are very robust and cannot be bent easily. These are very durable with regard to temperature, slant and draft.
  • Stearin is an excellent matter to be poured in metal moulds for candles due to its colour, structure and short fusion curb.
  • Bees wax is used for the candle body as well as for outer decoration as it is unique in its opaque, shiny appearance, which makes it look like a living material.
  • A pleasant beeswax colur and a slight honey smell is present in the candle that is finished with Bees wax.
  • Hardened vegetable oils and fats, like the socalled palm wax are now been used in the manufacturing of candles that are intended for the indoor use.
  • These natural raw materials can almost only be used for container candles because of a soft consistency and a comparatively low melting point.
  • Beautiful effects can be obtained with candle lacquers which are applied together with solvents. Only a very thin layer of lacquer remains on the candle surface after the solvent evaporated.
  • Dyes with pigments are used for candles re-dipped in color. Soluble to greasy colors are used for entirely tinted candles.
  • The dyes are mostly applied on the exterior of the candle by the method of dripping.

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