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Sales Layer
Sales Layer is a SaaS based PIM that provides an agile solution with the fastest implementation for all retailers, manufacturers, distributor or brands of every industry that has a large amount of product data and provide high quality experience to their costumer or partners. Issues of complexity in product information fields, catalog version control, and the flow of data can be resolved through the product supply chain for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. A cloud-hosted database of shareable, secure and manageable catalog information can be created with centralized business information from ERP, CRM and CMS. All of your data can be uploaded and have it in one place, which is great for coordinating all team.
Product Finder 360
Product Finder 360 is a Catalog Management Software that help your customer direct to their ideal product with the insight and guidance a salesperson would provide in-store. The search solution provided by the software is simple to use and simple to deploy with just one line of code. You just have to pick one of the question flow templates, connect it to your product catalog, and easily add it to your online store without requiring any coding skills. The dashboard surfaces of Product Finder 360 invaluable data that will help you optimize your online store shopping experience. It let the customer ask the right questions to guide to the perfect product which in turn not only leads to increased revenue but retention.
Publitas Enterprise
Publitas Enterprise combines a powerful platform with strategic partnership to deliver online content solutions for retail landscape. Online catalogs can be easily distributed throughout your marketing channels which become interactive and shoppable with Publitas Enterprise. The shopping experience can be improved by providing extra product details inside the catalog. The customer journey can be streamlined by allowing shoppers to add products to the cart directly from the catalog. You can quickly and easily populate a template with products from your feed with Dynamic Content. Your content can be kept relevant and up to date. Also you can make use of real-time personalization.

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