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Shiji Distribution Solutions
Shiji Distribution Solutions is a leading hospitality technology provider for connectivity and channel management for hotels and distribution channels. A high performance connection between your CRS and your distribution channels can be provided. Your distribution network can be quickly expanded to long-tail distributors with Travel Agent Booking Portal. Your brands can be promoted and you can connect with consumers with WeChat Booking Engine. Multiple distribution channels can be managed by Channel Manager for independent hotels. Shiji Distribution Solutions can be integrated with PMS, CRS, POS, CMS or Ticketing to meet the most complex and comprehensive requirements. Chinese corporate travel demand can be accessed through TMC platform.
RMS Cloud
RMS Cloud is a Channel management software which is an efficient and cost effective solution that eliminates the need to connect to a third-party channel manager. You can automatically update your rates and availability in just a few easy clicks with RMS. The inbuilt channel manager of RMS connects your property to all major online travel agents, extending your reach and updating in real-time to reduce the chance of double bookings. Your rates, rules and availability can be updated as well as the layout and design can be customized to reflect your property and refine content to influence online rankings.
VacationsPal is an all in one software containing Pms, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Invoice Service, Automatic Messages, Website, Check in, Cleaning, Analytics and Revenue Management. Big Data, channels and direct sales strategies are applied with the aim of increasing sales and reducing costs. All you need can be managed from one application. The software can be integrated with channel manager, pms and artificial intelligence to offer you when it is necessary to change the price or the minimum stay to maximize your sales. You will be able to find out where your bookings come from, who your customers are, how much you are paying commissions using analytics.

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