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Kitchen Chimneys:

Kitchen Chimneys is a home appliance that absorbs smoke and makes your kitchen free from oil, smoke and odour. Also known as extractor hood, it consists of three main components. This include a capture panel to contain the rising gases, one or more oil collectors or grease filters depending on the type of chimney, and a fan or tangential blower for forced ventilation.
A chimney is fitted right above the cooking gas so that it can sucks the oil, steam, smoke, odor produced during cooking. The oil gets trapped into the oil collectors and the duct trows out the odor, steam, smoke, heat generated in the kitchen without spreading it inside your home space. Chimney is very important for a clean kitchen, especially Indian kitchen as the amount of frying and spices is a little too much in Indian food that lead to smoke and can be really sticky and greasy. Modern kitchen chimney can add style and decor to your modular kitchen.

Things to consider before buying a chimney:

The kitchen chimney that you are going to buy, must fit in your kitchen, suction power, chimney filter types is comfortable with cooking habits. The things that must be considered before buying chimney include:
  •     Chimney filter types
  •     Types kitchen chimney
  •     Chimney suction power
  •     Chimney size
  •     Chimney design
  •     Chimney ducting

Types of kitchen chimney filter:

Chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories depending on the material, structure and filtering process.
Cassette filter:
It is made of aluminum mesh that are stocked on each other. As the air is passed through the gap between the mesh, the oil and grease particles in air strike to the this aluminum mesh thread. The suction power of the chimney will be affected when these grease, oil particles clogged the mesh slowly. For better performance, cassette filters are required to wash and clean once in a week. You can immerse cassette filter in a bucket of detergent water for some while and wash with cleaner water to clean the chimney. You can scrub it too if required.
Baffle filter:
The baffle filter is a flow control panel which is made in multiple curve structure. The direction of smoke air changes when cooking air passes through these curve. Heavy grease, smoke particles are dragged down in baffle filter during this process. The chimney suction power is hardly affected by the clogged baffle filter. Therefore, these are are best for Indian kitchen. The baffle filter needs very less maintenance as it is required to wash baffle filter once in 3 months. These filters can run a number of years without replacement.
Carbon filter:
Carbon filter is made up of black charcoal which are mainly used for absorbing odor. Chimney carbon filter is used along with the baffle filter or cassette filter in case of recycling / without duct. As the suction power of the chimney will be reduced by the oil, smoke particles clogged inside the carbon filte, they need to replace once in six months.

Types kitchen chimney:

The decision to buy the type of kitchen chimney depends on the kitchen structure and construction where going to fit it and location of the cooking platform, hob, stove. Kitchen chimney is divided into 3 to 4 categories based on the capabilities where can fitted.
  •     Wall mounted chimney
  •     Island chimney
  •     Built-in chimney
  •     Corner chimney

Kitchen chimney size:

The size of kitchen chimney should be exact or greater than a stove or hob size. It should never be smaller than the stove or hob.

Auto clean chimney:

Auto clean chimney is capable of maintaining its body parts clean. Auto clean chimney avoids sticking grease and oil particles. Thus improves the chimney suction power and increase the lifetime of the chimney. It contain a turbine blower that forces the cooking air to move towards the chimney walls. So, the oil present in the air is stuck to the container walls and collected in an detachable oil collecting bowl which has to be washed once in a month. As time passes, a small amount of grease, oil stuck are stored in baffle filter too. Therefore, auto clean chimney also needs manually cleaning, but not very frequently.
The cumbersome, time consuming cleaning process is converted to easy and effective task by auto clean chimney.

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