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PLEXIS Payer Platforms
PLEXIS Payer Platforms is a trusted, modern payer platform that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions for healthcare claims processing and benefit administration. Growth, innovation, and efficiencies can be enhanced across diverse business lines for payer organizations such as health plans, dental plans, vision plans, TPAs, cost containment companies, specialty groups, government healthcare, and international insurers. Cost savings and customer satisfaction can be significantly increased with real time data and auto-adjudication. Your ecosystem of applications or any of PLEXIS' business apps such as our portals, EDI, and case management solutions are readily connected. The software is highly scalable and super configurable.
HEALTHsuite Advantage
HEALTHsuite Advantage is a comprehensive benefit administration system and claims processing software solution that is designed for health plans administering Medicaid and Medicare Advantage benefits. All aspects of enrollment and eligibility, benefit administration, provider contracting and reimbursement, premium billing, claims adjudication, medical management, care management, customer service, reporting and more can be automated. Risk and cost overruns can be eliminated with a proven repeatable fixed price implementation. The software can be integrated with CMS including compliance with new and evolving regulations. It is a complete -integrated solution from enrollment to encounter reporting. The pre-configured solution can be deployed rapidly, reducing costs and demands on staff.
QuickCap is an advanced platform that can be used by IPAs, PHOs, MSOs, TPAs and Risk Based Organizations managing Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial LOBs. QuickCap is a seamless, highly efficient, cost effective, and comprehensive product that is EDI 5010 compliant in claims, capitation, eligibility, referrals, authorizations, premium billing, case management and related auto routing and workflow processes. Your operational, administrative, and financial workflows can be accelerated by using QuickCap. Workflows can be created the way your business flows and reports can be generated for actionable insights. The technological innovation can be provided that can propel Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) to manage complex, chronic cases and populations and the related value based revenue streams in a better way to best meet the objectives in shared or global risk arrangements.

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