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Freshservice is a CMDB Software that can be used by MSP's, financial organizations, educational institutions and several government organizations to maintain a repository of all assets in the organization. Critical assets can be easily identified and the impact of incidents and changes can be analyzed. All your assets can be managed and tracked in a single view from anywhere. Assets can be scanned on the go with the barcode scanners on the Freshservice mobile app. Effective onboarding with real-time training and a 24/7 consultative approach rather than a transactional support can be provided. Relationships can be defined and all the asset dependencies and relationships can be visualized in an interactive map.
SolarWinds Service Desk
SolarWinds Service Desk is a fully integrated service desk and IT asset management solution with configuration management database (CMDB) that can be used by companies of any size, anywhere, with sophisticated IT organizations to deliver superior service to their internal customers. Greater visibility into the technology infrastructure of your entire organization can be provided and a stronger relationship between the elements in your IT environment can be developed. Faster ticket resolutions can be achieved, SLAs can be improved, and repetitive tasks can be automated. Incoming tickets can be consolidated, managed, and prioritized by incident management. Service request and fulfillment processes can be standardized by service catalog.
Jira Service Management
Jira Service Management is an ITSM solution that can be used by high velocity teams to optimize their ITSM practice. Silos between IT, operations, development, and business teams can be eliminated, requests and incidents can be resolved fast, and changes can be pushed with ease. Great service experiences can be delivered without the complexity of traditional ITSM. IT, dev, operations, and business teams are empowered with streamlined workflows, automation rules, queues, SLAs, and a self-service portal to deliver exceptional service management at scale with no silos. Notifications are provided when tasks are assigned or completed. Incoming requests can be easily tracked and canned responses can be created for consistency and efficiency.
ServiceNow is a CMDB Software that can be used by growing organizations of all sizes, in any industry as a single system of record for IT can be provided. It becomes easy to understand your IT environment, particularly for service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management with this accurate configuration management database. The CMDB becomes service aware when paired with Service Mapping enabling your applications to be service aware as well. Full visibility of your infrastructure and services can be gained and you will have more control of your environment to make better decisions. Requests and concerns can be easily organized and managed in mid to large businesses.
ChangeGear is a CMDB Software that can be used by customers in healthcare, technology, energy, government, finance, education and more. Control Over IT assets and resources can be taken with CMDB. Insight can be gained into critical IT infrastructure with Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Asset Discovery tool. It is easy and quick to deploy and utilize its CMDB to map and manage critical resources such as business services, hardware, software, users, documentation, and configuration, all within one centralized database. It contains a variety of functionality and can be easily tailored to fit any organizational business process as it relates to change management. Asset tracking along with Problem and incident ticketing can also be done by using ChangeGear.
Device42 is a complete hybrid cloud discovery & dependency mapping platform that can be used to help you manage your IT infrastructure by autodiscovering and accurately tracking. A complete understanding of your infrastructure and its interdependencies can be provided by powerful visualizations from a single customizable dashboard. Everything you need to accurately document and automate your infrastructure is included in Device42. It is a complete CMDB with comprehensive auto discovery, IPAM, DCIM, ITAM, powerful reporting, complete audit trail, extensive restful API and more. Everything that is connected to your IT infrastructure can be viewed with advanced agentless end to end hybrid cloud discovery.
Alloy Navigator
Alloy Navigator is an all-encompassing solution accompanied by a powerful, process automation system, third party integration and a flexible API that can be used by small, medium and large companies of all industries. Meaningful relationships can be created automatically, and the tools are provided to leverage connections and smart views that display how it all works together. It is a complete IT management solution with intelligent workflow and a powerful Service Management suite. Your ITSM operations can be enhanced, routine daily tasks can be automated and issues can be resolved faster than ever. Thoughtful answers can be provided to your toughest IT challenges.
Aptien is a simple to use CMDB solution ideal for SMBs. The entire lifecycle of IT equipment, contracts, SLAs, or responsibilities of IT staff can be easily managed by keeping an eye on all hardware, software and its documentation. All the information regarding purchasing, when the warranty expires, or when an update or upgrade was performed can be provided. Your hardware and software all can be tracked in one place. Your contracts, agreements, customers, suppliers and records of other business partners can be tracked in one place. Any type of contract can be entered by Aptien Contract register. All the deadlines and dates that are due under your contracts can also be tracked.
Qualys Cloud Platform
Qualys Cloud Platform is a Cloud Platform that can deliver an on demand solution for security risk and compliance management. The vulnerability management process of your company can be monitored, remediation can be tracked and policy compliance can be ensured. There is no need to install and maintain any software as it is cloud based. Access Controls/Permissions, Alerts/Notifications, API, Audit Management, Audit Trail, Compliance Management ,Container Scanning, Continuous Integration, Data Security, Endpoint Management, Financial Data Protection, Network Security, Policy Management, Real Time Monitoring and Reporting/Analytics are some o the features included in Qualys Cloud Platform.
vScope is an cloud based and on-premise ITSM solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes to streamline their workflow processes. It comes with asset management, follow-up scheduling, reporting, billing and more. IT departments information can be gathered in one place. The data is automatically updated and can be shared with stakeholders in an instance. You can build powerful reports, analyzes and statistics with vScope which can be used to ensure a stable and cost efficient delivery of IT. Modules can be extended for cost allocation, automatic invoice documentation and a comprehensive service catalogue.

CMDB Software:

CMDB Software is a software that is used as a data repository to store all IT assets information including hardware and software components and the relationships between those components used in the IT infrastructure of an organization.
The Configuration Management Database or CMDB is an operations and support data warehouse used as a data repository by IT operation team of an organization to store information about hardware and software assets and their relationships. The software is configured with IT service management systems such as Service Desk, Change Management, BMS, and DCIM of an organization to provide a mean of understanding the critical information systems, upstream sources, and dependencies, as well as the downstream asset. The authorized configuration of the significant components of the IT environment is represented by CMDB. CMDBs are used for data center change management and ticketing requests, that provides the ability to account for and report on moves, adds, or changes.

Features of CMDB Software:

The following things can be done using the features of CMDB Software:

  • Configuration rules can be documented.
  • Network based assets can be discovered.
  • Release management can be documented.
  • Software and hardware builds can be identified and tracked
  • Application dependency mapping can be done
  • Configuration Item relationship impact
  • Inventories can be performed
  • Impact analysis for change management can be done
  • Incident management can be provided
  • Business intelligence can be obtained

Benefits of CMDB Software:

Some of the benefits of CMDB Software include:

  • A repository of all assets in the organization can be maintained with the configuration management database.
  • The software provides you a greater visibility of your IT infrastructure, including the dependencies between the different components of the environment. So, the impact of both past and future changes to your employees and organization can be analyzed which can minimize the risks of making changes and improving communication to those employees who might get affected.
  • The incidents and problems can be associated  with configuration items and their dependencies, which helps you investigate and identify issues, find potential workarounds and solutions, and prevent future issues from occurring. So, quickly identifying root causes and troubleshooting problems you will be able to speed incident management and reduce resolution times.
  • Map can be automatically detected and dependencies between CIs in your IT environment can be visualized, which helps you to understand the relationships between different components of your infrastructure and assess the impact they have on your organization. A better picture of your IT landscape can be gained. You will also be able to know how these parts work together by connecting CIs to related IT service management things, such as problems, incidents, changes, and releases.
  • Data such as users, hardware, software, networks, contracts, business sites, SaaS licensing, and other assets can be viewed and analyzed. Asset and dependency data from multiple sources can be collected to provide you a single source of truth for CIs by automatically populating your configuration management database. So, IT service management processes can be improved and better business decisions on your IT infrastructure can be made.
  • Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced by maximizing the utilization of each asset, maintaining business continuity, achieving better business-IT alignment and meeting compliance requirements. 

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