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ManWinWin is a Maintenance Management Software that is flexible, easy to implement and simple to use solution for the maintenance management and organization of any type of assets. It is ideal for Industry, Buildings, Fleet and Maintenance Services. Your own or your clients' equipment can be easily managed. Fast and cost efficient implementations is allowed because of great licensing flexibility. It has a multilingual concept and is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Norwegian, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Chinese and more. Each client has a dedicated technical account manager as technical service is personalized.
Smartsheet is a cloud based maintenance management software that can be used by organizations to plan, track, manage, and report on work with its easy to use automation and reporting features. Maintenance operations can be streamlined, budget tracking can be improved, work orders can be managed and real time data and reporting can be delivered with its simple, flexible interface. Teams have access to critical information when they need it with the Smartsheet mobile app, allowing you to spend less time on the process and more time delivering results. Field operations can be improved by capturing issues in real time, communication among facility and asset managers can be increased, and time can be saved with accurate resource management.
Upkeep is an Asset Operations Management solution that can be used by Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Food Processing, Facilities Management, Fleet, Hotels, Oil & Gas, Construction, Distribution, Warehousing, Utilities and Packaging sector. It combines CMMS, EAM and APM for maintenance, reliability and operations team. The tools and information required by every Maintenance and Reliability team can be provided to run Operations efficiently and effectively. All your work orders, assets, and maintenance can be efficiently managed to deliver fast resolutions with a central command center. Technician time spent filing work orders and locating asset information can be reduced. Return on Investment can be increased with savings from avoided production downtime.
Fiix is a CMMS software that can be used by maintenance in manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, construction, warehousing, distribution, and more to plan, track, and optimize maintenance in manufacturing. Assets and inventory can be organized, work can be managed, can be connected to business systems, and data driven decisions can be made with this cloud-based and AI-powered CMMS software. You can get a 360-degree view of work, parts, costs, schedules, and KPIs with customizable dashboards and reports. You can also schedule, prioritize and complete tasks from anywhere even when you are offline with echnician-focused desktop and mobile apps of Fiix.
eSPACE is a CMMS software that can be used by schools, churches, faith-based organizations, municipalities, office users, property managers and hospitality suppliers. The Work Order Management module is the most comprehensive facility management software provided by eSPACE. Work Orders and Assignments & Inventory Control, Robust Reporting Options & Equipment Tracking, Preventive Maintenance, Vendor Portal are some o the key features of the software. The future planning can be made easy with the Preventative Maintenance function so that you can focus on the proactive responsibilities of your job. The Life Cycle Calculator tool helps for budget planning.
Fracttal One is a cloud-based intelligent software that can be used by Manufacturing, Services, Mining, Transport, Hotels, Technology, Education, Health, Energy, Cities for the maintenance management of physical assets. Operations of companies of different sectors and sizes can be tracked, work orders can be managed, equipment and suppliers from a single platform. All tasks and KPIs can be planned, assigned, executed and reported directly to technicians or suppliers from the App. Complete accessibility and the best experience can be provided by the software irrespective of the type of device you use. All the maintenance operations of your company can be optimized.
Hippo CMMS
Hippo CMMS is a web based maintenance management solution that can be used by manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, education, retail, non-profit and more. It is a powerful, affordable and user friendly software that provides flexible platform and essential CMMS features. Complex can be made simple with its graphical interface, and friendly support team. Work orders can be managed, preventive maintenance can be scheduled and tracked, and inventory can be controlled on desktop and on the go with this all-in-one solution. Efficient and reliable workflows can be build that will put you in control of maintenance. Work orders can be generated, assigned, and tracked.
SS-CMMS is an affordable and easy to use CMMS designed for Maintenance Organizations. Work Orders, PM's, Email Notifications, Parts, Budget, Scheduling, Reporting, Create WOs by Email, Multiple users and more can be included in the software. are offered by this CMMS sotware. PM's can be scheduled any way you want. Work Order's will be automatically generated on YOUR schedule by scheduled PM's. Your part usage can also be tracked and monitized as you go. A clickable Calendar is also provided to view your upcoming PM's. Reports can be created for WO's, PM's, Parts, Equipment, or Locations. You can select exactly what you want and how you would like it sorted as all reports are configurable.
eMaint CMMS
eMaint CMMS is a cloud based intelligent software that can be used by Manufacturing, Food Processing, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Education, Healthcare, Warehousing, Facilities Management, Service Providers, Construction, Municipalities, Distribution, Fleet, and Packaging. Workflows can be optimized, PMs can be automated, and spare parts availability can be ensured for upcoming work orders. Regulatory compliance reports can be generated and the eMaint dashboard can be used to view work order status and backlog on a single screen. Continuous improvement milestones can be documented and asset reliability can be increased. Asset data can be accessed remotely from anywhere using a PC, laptop, or mobile device.
MaintainX is a mobile first CMMS, work order and procedure digitization software that can be used by factory front line teams to know what they need to do and how to do it. Safety Procedures, Environmental Checklists, Tooling & Gauge Reporting, Maintenance Procedures, Auditing/Inspection Workflows and Training Checklists can be digitized and take away from the clipboard. Real time business insights can be delivered from the field making plant managers more efficient operators. A complete overview of what is outstanding, who is working on what and the status of every task can be provided by MaintainX.

CMMS Software:

CMMS or computerized maintenance management system Software is a software that helps manage assets, schedule maintenance and track work orders and optimize everything to do with maintenance on a digital platform. The life cycle value of your buildings and installations can be optimized by drawing up a multi-year maintenance plan and budget with the help of a CMMS Software. This can be aligned with the maintenance strategy, and based on actual asset conditions of your organization.

Features of CMMS Software:

The features of CMMS Software include:

  • The Work order management feature of CMMS software allows you to submit, review, filter, assign, and analyze work orders; schedule and trigger maintenance; get alerts when work orders are created; add checklists, manuals, and notes to work orders that help you create, complete, and track work orders.
  • Asset hierarchies can be created; detailed and accessible asset profiles can be build; the usage and performance of equipment can be tracked; custom reports on asset costs can be generated, health, and more that help you organize, track, and optimize assets in a better way by the Asset management feature of CMMS software.
  • Minimum quantities and automate purchasing can be set; vendor and purchase details can be logged; BOMs for assets and the location of parts can be viewed; costs can be tracked, cycle can be counted, FIFO, and more; inventory records can be synced with an ERP that makes it easier to purchase, organize, and use inventory by the Parts and supplies management feature of CMMS software.
  • Dashboards can be build to view real time KPIs across sites; maintenance and audit logs can be created; reports about your maintenance operations can be generated that help you collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data by the Maintenance reporting feature of CMMS software.

Benefits of CMMS Software:

There are several benefits of using a CMMS Software that include:

  • The CMMS software is flexible, easy to implement and use.
  • The software provides practical support, from inspections to planning and scheduling to compliance and reporting.
  • The software make it easy for technicians to manage work orders on the go by supporting mobile devices.
  • It provides flexible reporting and insight into long term costs and performance.
  • You will be able to control overall costs as the software help in stopping overspending on inventory, cutting waste, increasing uptime, and tracking spending more accurately.
  • Downtime can be reduced by erasing backlog, scheduling PMs with ease, and simplifying repairs to eliminate downtime at its root.
  • Efficiency can be increased by automating work, standardizing PMs, and improving access to resources so you can work fast, safe, and effectively.
  • Metrics, reports, real time work order updates, and asset histories can be accessed from anywhere, any time because of centralized data.
  • Safety requirements for every job can be outlined, audits can be simplified, and safety procedures can be made more accessible to improve health and safety.
  • The maintenance of all your assets, as well as all the data that comes from your equipment can be organized and efficiently manged by CMMS software.
  • The factors like downtime, poor quality, and safety risks can be eliminated by coordinating maintenance with production.
  • The CMMS software also comes with a team that will help you implement the system, build a long term success plan, track results, scale operations, and overcome growing pains.

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