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Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service platform that can be used by businesses requiring service as a software solution for CRM and help desk management. Innovative tools, unified data, and embedded training needed to deliver otstanding customer service can be provided that helps drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Service Cloud is enabling Trailblazers across every channel whether its messaging, communities, chat, phone, in-person, or IoT signals to deliver human centric service that is personal, intelligent, and trusted. Pipeline, Sales Productivity, Sales Win Rate, Forecast Accuracy and Revenue can be increased by using Salesforce Service Cloud.
OpenGov Citizen Services
OpenGov Citizen Services is a cloud solution to manage the workflow of every permitting and licensing. All of your permitting and licensing operations can be managed without messy spreadsheets or cumbersome, legacy software. Community development as well as other civic services can be modernized through highly configurable workflows with digital forms, signatures, and payments. It is a user friendly portal that can be seamlessly integrated with back-end data collection and approval rules. The drag and drop, no code interface of Citizen Services can be used to build forms, design workflows, collect fees, and schedule virtual inspections. Customer satisfaction can be improved as applicants are allowed to track progress of submissions themselves.
FundView Code Enforcement
FundView Code Enforcement is a web based code enforcement solution that can be used by small and medium municipalities as well as local government to manage payroll processes and reconcile bank statements. All phases of the code enforcement process can be managed by FundView Code Enforcement. Customizable violation types with user defined inspection and notification template are provided in the software. Cases can be created with template driven inspection or notification procedures. You can log all communications/correspondence with violator an track liens on cases that involve enforcement costs. Property or contact master files can be shared with all land based FundView solutions. Integrated document processing can also be provided.
Munis Field Inspector
Munis Field Inspector is a Mobile app based field inspection app that is designed to assist inspections manage permits in fields such as construction, business, planning, and more. Users will be able to to manage permits, violations, complaints, and more by using this app.. Access can be provided to inspection information while in the field. Inspections can be scheduled for the day, photos can be attached and updates can be submitted from your mobile device. Inspections can be created from within the app. Code Enforcement, Image Capture, Inspection Management and Photo Management are some of the features of Munis Field Inspector.
CityReporter is an up to date cloud solution that can be used by local governments, parks & recreation departments, school districts and contractors to handle their public and workplace safety, maintenance, repairs and record keeping. It is easy to use and helps governments manage their permits, inspections and record keeping more effectively. A modern solution is created by combining the web based software with an easy to use mobile app that will suit your needs. It can be integrated with existing data bases and local data storage options are provided. Your day to day tasks as well as any problems you have along the way can be tracked easily.
Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement is a web based code enforcement solution designed for government agencies to enforce regulations and tracking steps. Mobile inspections, workflow manager, photo upload, document manager, report generator, location manager, alerts and notices and violations are some of the eaturesvincluded in the software. Systems can be automated, data can be collected, processes can be controlled, people can be connected, regulations can be enforced, and data can be analyzed. Records can be tracked and maintained for Code Enforcement operations. Code Maintenance, Inspection Management, Document Management, Fee Management, GIS Integration, Photo Management, Planning & Zoning and Violation Tracking are some of the features of Code Enforcement.
Plan Analyst
Plan Analyst is a code enforcement solution designed for architects, building officials (plan reviewers), general contractors and others to generate a building code study and plan review. Complete, accurate, form driven code studies or plan checks and correction reports can be generated. It is based on the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) published by the International Code Council (ICC). The Sign Design Calculator, Deck Calculator and Beam & Column Calculator are also available. Money can be saved in the estimation phase as wind load calculations can be provided in less than two minutes without paying a for stamped engineered drawings from a licensed engineer. The profile dimensions for your sign components, shape, height etc can be entered.
Permit-LV is a windows based permit and inspections management system designed for smaller municipalities. Complete tracking of application, permit issuance, approvals, all inspections and C/O's can be provided when needed. Code enforcement inspections are included. Contractor licensing, business licenses, rental property and/or landlord, annual fire inspections and elevator inspections are optional modules. Numerous ways can be included to customize the system so it functions the way you do business. Appointment Management, Case Management, Code Enforcement, Customer Database, Failed Inspection Tracking, Image Capture, Inspection Management, Violation Tracking, Weed Abatement Control are some of the features of Permit-LV.
CIVICgov is a cloud based operations with citizen and contractor portals that can be used by Permitting & Inspections, Code Enforcement Operations, Fire Marshal's Office, Planning/Zoning Departments, Licensing System, & more. Powerful and easy to use features are offered using which complete management of the building and code enforcement process can be done. Permitting, Code Enforcement, Violations, Fire & Safety Inspections, Complaints, a Work Scheduler, Citizen & Contractor Access Portal, GIS Mapping, Planning & Zoning are included. The information can be shared with many departments. The reports and forms can be customized. Paperless inspections and invoicing can be facilitated. Mobile printing for fire lane and fire code violations can also be facilitated.
iWorQ is a complete cloud based applications that can be used by public works and community development departments for tracking employees, equipment, projects, and activities for community development and public works, including work, asset, storm water and fleet management, code enforcement, and permit and license management. Work orders, service requests, assets, permits and more can be managed and tracked ensuring citizen engagement. Work can be scheduled, custom work templates can be build, management reports can be printed, and custom reports can be created. Equipment Maintenance, Document Management, Fee Management, Fixed Asset Management, GIS Integration, Inspection Management and Job Costing are some of the features of iWorQ.

Code Enforcement Software:

Code Enforcement Software is a software that is used to maintain records, schedule inspections, issue notices and track violations to assist government organizations in enforcing compliance with the municipal code requirements. Vital functions such as planning, permitting, licensing, inspections and code enforcement can be manged in one centralized system using the software.

Features and Benefits of Code Enforcement Software:

Some of the features of Code Enforcement Software that provide benefit to the user include:

  • Custom documents can be auto-created for Code Enforcement and dates, information fields, fees, notes and photos can be inserted by Document Manager.
  • Photos can be attached from desktop or the mobile device webcam can be used to take pictures within your Code Enforcement case.
  • Templates can be created for your processes with custom steps, due dates, requirements and checklists by the help of Workflow Manager.
  • All your Code enforcement work can be completed in the field by the help of Mobile Inspections. All cases, violations, documents and plans can also be viewed from your device. The enforcement officers can access and update property records from the field in real time through a mobile device such as a tablet. Notes can be taken and a violation or certification notice can be issued with attachments through tablet, directly from the field. So, there is no need to return to the office to manually enter the data collected on paper forms in the field.
  • As the digital forms are available to residents on your website, it eliminate the need of paper processes and the need for residents to file applications in person. Significant time and work is saved for employees as the records are filed and acted upon quickly by digital Landlord Registration, Certificate of Continued Occupancy, and Vacant Property Registration forms available online.
  • The communication silos and delays can be eliminated as all records are associated with the relevant property and are immediately searchable across all departments.
  • Notes and images can be taken and attached within each profile of a property that will help the employees keeping their colleagues informed of work status in real time.
  • Custom report templates can be created to auto-run and distribute using the data you have collected in Code Enforcement by the help of Report Generator.
  • The parcel activity, contacts and details are stored in the location record. The updates from an assessor or GIS dataset are automated by the help of Location Manager.
  • Colleagues and clients can be notified about case initiation, due dates, expiration, status changes and payments due by the Alerts and Notices feature of the software.
  • Your list of violations can be defined to be used in Code Enforcement. Report, promote to cases, upload photos and add corrections, all can be done by the help of Violations feature.
  • The software streamline offline business processes by centralizing data and knowledge on a single platform, saving significant time and resources.
  • Workflows can be customized to simplify communication and scheduling by using this software.
  • Productivity can be increased and time can be saved for employees by assigning tasks, scheduling inspections and updating constituents on the status of their applications or complaints through automated processes. The saved time can be utilized by the employees to do other critical tasks, and respond quickly to the needs and concerns of residents and property owners.

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