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Color Photocopy Machine:

Color Photocopy Machine uses a dye sublimation process rather than conventional electrostatic technology to make copies of documents and other visual images onto paper or plastic film.

Some facts about Color Photocopy Machine:


  • Color Photocopy Machine was first released by Xerox in 1973.
  • Color photocopying is a concern to governments, as counterfeiting currency and other documents can be easily done.

Working of Color Photocopy Machine:

  • A light-sensitive surface called a photoreceptor is present inside every photocopier and laser printer which consists of a thin layer of photoconductive material that is applied to a flexible belt or drum.
  • The photoreceptor is insulating in the absence of light, but becomes conducting when it is exposed to light.
  • A high DC voltage is applied to adjacent wires, which produces an intense electric field near the wires that causes the air molecules to ionize to charge the photoreceptor in the dark.
  • An electric field will be created across the surface of photoreceptor by the ions of the same polarity as the voltage on the wires deposit on it.
  • The image is exposed on the photoreceptor with a scanning modulated laser or a light  emitting diode image bar in a digital photocopier or printer.
  • There will be a reduction in the electric field when  the areas of the photoreceptor exposed to light are selectively discharged. Charge will be retained by the darker areas.
  • Toner is a pigmented powder that used to develop the image. The electrostatic properties and range can be controlled from about 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter by the toner particles made of colorant and plastic resin.
  • Magnetised carrier beads are used to mix with and charge the toner particles that transport them to the development zone.
  • The phenomenon of triboelectricity, often referred to as static electricity is used to charge the particles.
  • An electrostatic force will be exerted on the charged toner by the electric field associated with the charge pattern of the image on the photoreceptor which adheres to the image.
  • A printer has four separate xerographic units that create and develop separate cyan, magenta, yellow and black images to create a color document. A full-color documents will be produced by the superposition of these powder images.
  • The paper is brought in contact with the toner and then a charge is applied with polarity opposite to that of the toner so that the powder image is transferred from the photoreceptor onto paper. The charge must be strong enough to overcome the adhesion of powder to the photoreceptor.
  • The paper containing the image will be released by a second precisely controlled charge from the photoreceptor.
  • The toner comprising the image is melted and bonded to the paper in the fusing process which is accomplished by passing the paper through a pair of rollers. The toner will melt by a heated roll and is fused to the paper with the aid of pressure from the second roll.
  • The residual toner must be removed from the photoreceptor before the next print cycle which can be accomplished this with a rotating brush cleaner.

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