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Pobuca Connect
Pobuca Connect is a cloud contact management tool that can be used to share your contacts with your co-workers and partners. Your multiple business contact lists can be converted into one unified address book and can be accessed from everywhere. The stored info of your ad can be searched and updated by Pobuca Bot, which is your virtual assistant. Your contacts list can be constantly updated by scanning business cards or grabbing email signatures and all your devices including desktop, mobile, web, outlook can be synced to be automatically updated with the latest info. Your Line of Business software and systems can be integrated with Pobuca Connect and the contact information can be made up to date across your organization with special focus on security and privacy.
Leadsolo is a contact management tool that can be used to make finding prospects affordable, easy, and accurate. The database is constantly updated based on Industry, Revenue range, Location, etc for search contacts. You can get all the email ids and associated contacts registered with that domain by simply entering the website URL that are all re-verified in Real time. You will be also able to search for contacts based on common keywords like eCommerce, IT, Startup, etc. You can get contacts from our pre-specified business categories by using Instant leads feature which all are verified in real time. Your contacts can be added to the list which can be created in the web application with a simple click.
Lusha is a contact management tool that can be used by business professionals to establish a fast and true connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates. It allow you to enrich and verify business profiles by using simple tools. Lusha is ISO 27001, ISO certified and CCPA and GDPR aligned and prospect according to all laws and legislation. Contacts can be saved from social networks, Gmail or B2B sites to your CRM in one click. You can easily build prospect lists by saving contacts directly to Lusha. Prospects can be found on social networks and B2B sites. Your sales cycle can be reduced and you will be able to close more deals by installing Lusha web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Contact Management Software:

Contact Management Software is a software that allows you to sync all of your contacts to one record and communicate in real time. The conversation history can be viewed and your network can be filtered into contact lists by title, industry, relationship to your business, and a range of other attributes and custom fields.
The process of storing and organizing contact data to access it easily whenever required is known as contact management. A contact management platform is an address book that provides the required contact information to build up sales and marketing strategies and drive customer retention. Contact management software can be used by SMBs, where a team member or manager has multiple roles for one contact.

Features of Contact Management Software:

The key features of Contact Management Software include:

  • The contacts can be sort by industry, geography, place in the customer life cycle, and other attributes by the help of segmentation tools. Your customer experience can be personalized by identifying customer profiles. It also help you find out which demographic provides the greatest opportunities.
  • The software comes with mobile app for Android/iOS that will help you get immediate access to contact lists and key information. You can then act on it for sales, support, customer service, and marketing tasks.
  • The task management is easier as tasks can be assigned to specific team members, everyone gets a full visibility on who is doing what, and deadlines with reminder notifications can be set. All your work processes can be put in one place that let you deal with task and workflow processes very easily.
  • Your customer data entry can be automated that help eliminating tedious admin tasks and freeing up time for the more important work. The automated data recording can be used to run email marketing automation, sales automation, and more.
  • Contact data can be imported from CSV and Excel spreadsheet files, business cards, or CRM and other digital tools. The data can also be exported easily, in case you migrate platforms, start using new apps, or need external stakeholders to have data visibility.

Benefits of Contact Management Software:

The benefits of Contact Management Software include:

  • All your cross-channel communications with customers are automatically logged so that you will have a record to refer later. This information will be helpful in determining the type of product or service can be offered to the customer for cross-selling and up-selling, the tone of your next interaction, and the way to interact with similar customers later.
  • The customer service agents will be able to deliver better performance with less effort by using this software as they will have easy access to a centralized contact list and a detailed records of past cross-channel customer interactions. They also receive task notifications and follow-up reminders which help them to improve customer experience, reduce churn, and customer loyalty.
  • A contact management software acquire all the information coming from different channels, like social media, phone calls, your company website, live chat, face to face conversation, web form capture, purchase records, and many more into one business contact record that include address book and phone numbers making it easier for you to access it from one place.
  • Everyone involved in your business can get more visibility and your organization can act smarter and more transparent because of centralized contact record. Team members can consult other staff in real time who has worked on individual case files which help reduce the requirement for real time meetings. So, the tasks, hand-off mistakes, and redundant work can be eliminated with encouraged transparent collaboration.
  • An insights into your audience for what kind of marketing campaigns you should be running, and your overall business requirements can be provided by the reporting and analytics tools. The right clients can be identified by the intelligent lead management and segmentation tools to focus resources on.

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