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Brandcast is a no-code platform for content marketing at enterprise scale that is designed to transform the way global brands create personalized digital experiences for every stage of the customer journey. The end-to-end production can be managed with a collaborative visual dashboard that help accelerate digital production and reduce development costs. Your brand style can be establishes as well as stunning digital experiences can be created by using Brandcast. The marketing organization can be empowered to become more agile and perform at a higher level to increase both campaign velocity and effectiveness. High-quality content can be created at scale in a single, streamlined workflow.
Foleon is a Content Marketing Software that is used by the organizations to produce personalized content for every stage of the customer journey. Buyers can be provided with the flexibility to self-educate and consume content at their own pace. The business teams can be empowered to create engaging and intelligent content experiences at scale by the content creation platform of the software. B2B content experiences can be created for every stage of the customer journey with Foleon that will be intelligent, engaging and scalable. Highly visual content designed for maximum impact can be created, audience insights can be leveraged to optimize your entire customer journey and customer-facing teams can be empowered to create content at a rapid pace.
OneSpot targets each visitor by delivering a personalized experience through hyper-relevant content with one snippet of code. You will be able to increase website conversion rates without time-consuming segmentation or complex integrations. Thousands of variables can be analyzed through machine learning algorithms to deliver AI-driven content personalization in minutes. Behaviors across every channel can be tracked and analyzed by OneSpot to improve digital experiences effortlessly. It also delivers individualized content. All your existing website content can be instantly indexed by using NLP to create a virtual library that is considered for each visitor. Your outcomes can be optimized by testing different business rules, metadata overrides, display formats and page layouts.

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