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Avochato is a two-way conversation solution for marketers that makes SMS texting and live chat easier. It is a text messaging platform for teams who want a meaningful, real-time conversations with customers. You can setup your Avochato phone number in minutes to text your customers, prospects, or staff and no programming required for this. You can import, broadcast as well as respond to your contacts to scale your communications. You will be able to avoid putting customers on hold as you can route customers to the correct contact within your organization. Personalized messages can be shared with multiple contacts with the push of a button. Real time customer input can be provided with easy to use SMS surveys, and answers can be automatically saved to a contact's profile.
Insent is a B2B Conversational Marketing platform that identifies the prospects before they sign up on the contact form and depending upon their engagement and alerts the sales team for proactive outreach. It is a chatbot that helps you identify and speak to the buyers to drive quality leads to your website. As you can identify and qualify your visitors in real-time using Insent, you know who to talk to. Your sales team can be empowered to initiate conversations with qualifying data and insights. More leads can be generated, deals can be accelerated and meetings can be booked around the clock with conversations on site.
Zingle is an all-in-One Communication Platform where you can stay connected by building trust with real-time conversation. Replies can be automated to common questions and messages can be routed to onsite staff or remote teams. Leads can be converted by responding at the peak moment of interest. Segmented audience can be carefully chosen, conversations can be opened and maintained at scale, intelligently and personally responded every time. A better channel can be provided to create loyalty with real-time conversions. Marketers can be provided a sustainable way to stay connected with robust conversation management in a single screen. An unprecedented connection can be provided for SMBs and enterprise companies with guests, members and customers across industries including hospitality, health, fitness, food and beverage and retail.

Conversational Marketing Platform:

Conversational Marketing Platform engages potential customers with personalized, one-on-one conversations to provide specific product recommendations or offers for your business. It help improve customer experience. Targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots are used by conversational marketing to engage with people when they are on your website.

Features and Benefits of Conversational Marketing Platform:

There are several features of Conversational Marketing Platform that can benefit the user in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Conversational Marketing Platform can be leveraged by consumer brands to identify interested buyers on social networks or product websites, respond to concerns or frequently asked questions, determine the best possible sales items, and transfer customers to payment gateways or sales representatives to close transactions.
  • Intelligent response flows can be created by the sales departments by using built-in chatbot and artificial intelligence technology. So, the visitors can be guided through helpful conversations at various touchpoints based on user activity and other details.
  • Follow up at a later time can be done by the businesses with interested customers who do not purchase on the spot, picking up the conversation where it left off.
  • Conversational marketing platforms provides a higher standard of customer service at scale and also simplifies the overall buying process for potential customers around the world round the clock.
  • Valuable and qualified leads can be generated, high level insights into customer demographics and preferences can be provided by using these platforms that will help accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Products in the conversational marketing category can be integrated with live chat and chatbot software to produce real time, meaningful conversation with customers at different points in the buying journey.
  • There is a combination of automated and live human involvement on the business side that can take control at critical points in the conversation.
  • These products can also be integrated with messengers on social networks as well as SMS or email.
  • Conversational marketing platform can be synced with e-commerce platforms or payment gateways to provide detailed product information or complete transactions, respectively.
  • This technology can be integrated with bot platforms to create unique messaging applications that suit to the requirements of the user.
  • Intelligent messaging bots can be created that help engage visitors on one or more channels.
  • Personalized response flows can be created within conversations by the help of in-build tools.
  • It can direct interested buyers to sales representative or online stores for purchasing goods or services by mean of successful conversations.
  • Customer journeys can be tracked by using this platform that will allow for follow-ups from chatbots or sales representatives
  • It is a customer support automation platform that will helps you provide exceptional support experiences to your customers across multiple channels.
  • You can convert more of the right leads faster by making it easier for people to engage with your business.
  • Higher conversion rates, more opportunities, and a more personal experience with the customer can be created by providing the visitors a way to start conversations instantly on your website instead of forcing them to fill out forms before they can talk to anyone.
  • A bot can be used to start the conversation when visitors click to download now, contact sales or book a demo.
  • Targeted messages can be send to the visitors who seem most likely to buy the product instead of waiting for them to initiate the conversation.
  • You will be available 24/7 to engage with new leads instantly by the help of Conversational marketing platforms.
  • The response time can be speed up and it can be ensured that your representative talk to the right people at the right time.

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