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Cotton Bale:

A standard sized and weighted pack of compressed cotton lint after ginning is called as cotton bale which has an essential role from the farm to the factory. The dimensions and weight may vary according to cotton producing countries.

Some facts about Cotton Bale:


  • Bale is a standard packaging method used for cotton to avoid the hassles in handling, packing, and transportation.
  • The lint are protectedfrom foreign contamination by bale and it make them readily identifiable.
  • A 'bale of cotton' is the standard trading unit for cotton on the wholesale markets.
  • Density, measurements of the bale and weight are the most important parameters of a cotton bale.
  • Bale is a convenient and efficiency way of weighting, trading and transporting the cotton.
  • Cotton bales that are directly purchased from the framers are used to produce fabrics and textiles.
  • Artificial fabrics could be cheaper fillers with similar quality of cotton bales that are used to stuff pillows, quilts or dolls after simple processing.
  • Samples are taken from each bale and classed according to fiber length, strength, micronaire, color and cleanness to determine the value of cotton.
  • A   uniform  cotton  bale  with  standardization  of density, weight, size, ties, bagging and labeling is the most important aspect of cotton bale.
  • Uniformity in overall global cotton merchandizing, transparency and better understanding of transactions, standardization of transportation at optimum cost, mechanical handling in uniform manner, standard procedure for sampling, standardization of warehousing practices to achieve optimum cost benefit, standardization of automated bale opening equipments, better fiber quality and control over fiber parameters, standardization of cotton baling presses manufacturing at lower capital cost, competitive advantage over Synthetic fibers and healthy cotton economy are some of the benefits that can be derived by standardized bale sizes and packaging.
  • A significant progress has taken place in various countries of the world towards standardization of cotton bale. However, the process of standardization of cotton bale is complex and time taking.
  • Bales can be classified as one of three categories including Grade A, Grade B and Other by comparison with the photographic standards.  
  • Grade A bales are generally considered acceptable and are characterized by complete enclosure among others.
  • The goal of bale packaging is complete coverage that offer optimum prevention of cotton contamination from dirt, grime, oil and grease.
  • There is the chance of lint contamination from dirt, grime, oil and grease in case of Grade B bales as it is allowed for exposed cotton. So, Grade B bales differ from Grade A bales by the lack of complete coverage.
  • A poor level of packaging coverage and restraint results in conditions other than Grade A or B.

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