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Capillary Loyalty+
Capillary Loyalty+ is a cloud based loyalty software with advanced customer engagement, reward redemption and promotional engine capabilities. It is an AI powered reward platform that allows brands to drive higher behavioral loyalty, emotional engagement and repeat sales. A combination of gamification, data driven predictive insights and highly personalized rewards can be used for both transactional and non-purchase activities like store check-ins, app downloads, likes, shares, reviews etc. Engagement can be improved by targeting your customers with highly personalized rewards at the right time in the purchase cycle. A community of loyal members can be build and you can amplify digital reach by rewarding them for social interactions like likes, product reviews, shares etc.
Consumer Marketing Platform
Consumer Marketing Platform is an effective, economical, easy to setup, customizable and highly scalable tool that can be used to turn your customers into your brand advocates. the software comes with marketing automation to re-engage customers and advance dashboards for data analytics and reports. Your customers acquisition can be accelerated with tailored loyalty programs. Multilevel loyalty options are available to engage customers, influencers, retailers and distributors. Customizable redemption options are readily available. Dashboards is provided to track, analyze, and tune up the marketing automation. You will be able to automate your marketing with drag and drop rules. Your customers can be continuously influenced and re-engaged with integrated marketing automation
Marsello is a retail marketing solution that works both in-store and online. The software is packed with marketing automation features, including loyalty and reward programs, perfectly timed email and SMS automation, customizable campaign templates, marketing lists, feedback surveys, and reporting. Data driven automation, email, SMS, and loyalty programs can be combined to deliver targeted marketing that gets results. Your marketing against sales can be tracked through your Point of Sale and eCommerce store. An effective omnichannel customer experience can be created that increases customer retention and spend. Marsello helps in capturing in-store and online visitors' details, motivate them to shop, and then bring them back again and again.

Customer Loyalty Software:

Customer Loyalty Software is a software that is used by companies to strengthen the relationship with their customers in various ways.
These software are most effective, economical, easy to setup, customizable, highly scalable, seamless and friction less for consumers to use. Some Customer Loyalty Programs are provided that empower companies and brands by providing them a way to differentiate themselves without giving any discount. It help increases repeat purchase rates and lifetime value by offering customers tangible incentives for repeatedly choosing your brand. You can reward customers for more than just purchases and guide their behavior in meaningful ways by using Customer Loyalty Software. Regular engagement opportunities can be created throughout the customer life cycle which strengthens relationships, wards off competitive offers, and increases customer lifetime value.

Features and Capabilities of Customer Loyalty Software:

The basic features and Capabilities of Customer Loyalty Software include:

  • Loyalty marketing can be seamlessly integrated with your eCommerce website and digital marketing strategy. Every aspect from launch through promotion can be maximized by integrating with your eCommerce platform and ESP, customer touch point strategy, and campaign best practices.
  • A loyalty program can be build that meets your customer everywhere they are shopping, either it would be online, on their phones, and in your stores. Your customers can also earn and redeem points anywhere.
  • Launching your program is very quick and effortless with pre-built POS integrations.
  • Your loyalty program can be utilized to monitor and drive KPIs for specific stores.
  • Your customer behavior can be proactively guide and your loyalty program can be differentiate by incorporating social and behavioral activity.
  • Customers can be rewarded for any action you want them to take such as connecting through social media, writing reviews, signing up for newsletters, attending in-store events and many more. Engagement of customer can be increased and more genuine brand loyalty can be build by rewarding customers for more than just purchases.
  • Loyalty program can be focused on your most dedicated customers to establish guaranteed ROI with a paid membership program.   
  • A powerful paid membership program can be created by supporting high value rewards, subscription management for loyalty memberships, efficient management of multi-tier, and advanced segmentation.
  • As the software is customizable, you can use it as a framework and easily change anything by adding your own unique customization.
  • A great developer experience can be provide by clear documentation, proven development patterns, and modern tech-stack. The software also make it easier to deliver a made-to-measure loyalty solution.
  • Loyalty programs of any size can be handled even on a massive scale with a high frequency of loyalty interactions.
  • You can create a true customer data platform as you have full control over the data stored in the loyalty program.
  • The software can be integrated with any IT infrastructure and you can work on the loyalty program without making changes in multiple systems.

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Software:

The benefits of Customer Loyalty Software include:

  • Repeat purchase rate can be increased without discounting or devaluing your brand.
  • Brands and companies get an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers apart from standard marketing strategies.
  • Customers can be seamlessly engaged and offer rewards through any shopping channel, which could be either online, in-store, through an app or with all three together.
  • The software creates a way to engage the customers with your brand beyond just purchases by taking actions such as to writing reviews, referring friends, sharing pictures, and connecting through social media which help build a strong relationship with your customer.

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