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Keap is an all in one CRM, sales and marketing software that is designed for entrepreneurs with long term growth in mind. Your works hours can be used more effectively. Your customer information and daily work can be organized in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks so you have more time to focus on growing your business. CRM, marketing and sales automation, and payments are combined in one platform. Leads can be captured and organized in one place. . Leads can be efficiently and automatically moved through your sales funnel. Pre-build templates can be used to quickly set up follow-up automations, including reminders to approve and pay invoices.
Preferred Patron Loyalty
Preferred Patron Loyalty is a Customer Reference Management Software that can be used by small, medium and large businesses of any industry to recognize customers for spend, visits, activities and behaviors, increase customer retention and foster growth. You can run your own branded customer loyalty program by using Preferred Patron Loyalty as incentive campaigns, a vast digital rewards catalog including AMEX, MC and Amazon GC Rewards, built-in e-mail and sms communications and autopilot operation can be provided. You can choose from various interfaces, including Standalone, Cloud/Web. It can be integrated with Customer Kiosk, Mobile App or Vend POS and Square POS. Loyalty can be created with your customers and purchase behaviors can be influenced in favorable ways
ReferenceEdge is a complete reference management system specifically designed for B2B companies to manage customer reference information and automate the reference request workflow. You will be able to track who is a reference, for what, and how often they may be used. Reward points can be issued and redeemed for completed reference activities. Program impact can be measured through extensive reports and dashboard charts. Sales & marketing efficiency can be improved, the 'quote to cash' cycle can be shorten, and more deals can be won. Sellers are provided with every form of social proof required at every stage of the sales cycle, from content to reference accounts and contacts.
RO Innovation
RO Innovation is a customer reference management software that can be used by B2B companies in hi-tech, software, and healthcare, financial services industries and more to strengthen relationships and win deals faster. Customer content can be efficiently managed, protected and leveraged in sales and marketing activities, from live customer references such as calls, site visits, speaker, etc. along with produced customer content including case studies, testimonials, video interviews, etc. Your customer advocates can be engaged to close deals faster. Your customer reference program can be formalize and scale with RO Innovation. References, testimonials, quotes, and case studies are available in a single location. Reference requests can be tracked through fulfillment and outcomes.
Crowdvocate is a B2B customer marketing & advocacy automation platform that can be used by mid-size business to enterprises with customer marketing teams of all sizes to scale customer marketing and advocacy programs. Engagement can be streamlined, customer references can be generated, insights can be gained, VoC can be captured, and advocacy can be scaled by using AI. Marketers will be able to to manage their programs and get results in less than two hours per week by suing this platform. Your customer base will get engaged in a contextual manner within their journey, whether in-app/product, your community, training portal, or any digital touchpoint across their lifecycle.
TechValidate is a SaaS platform that can be used by marketers across product marketing, demand generation, customer advocacy, and marketing communications to identify customer advocates at scale. Customer feedback can be collected and transformed into compelling third party validated case studies, testimonials, and stats. Customer feedback can be captured and transformed into case studies, testimonials, reviews, and more. Hard-to-get ROI metrics and operational results can be captured easily from your customers to build trust with buyers. Powerful targeted content can be generated by slicing and dicing customer feedback by persona or vertical. The creation of customer content will be accelerated by using TechValidate.
Mana Scheduler
Mana Scheduler is a cloud based system that can be used by all sizes of Tattoo Shops/Parlor. The efficiency & productivity for the scheduling and client management needs of your Tattoo/Removal/Piercing shop can be increased. Automated appt reminders, shop analytics and online signable waivers are some of the features of Mana Scheduler. You can cut down on hours every week leaving voicemails, waiting for call backs with this sotware. It is very easy to use and organize all of your scheduling information perfectly with auto appointment confirmations. All your information, schedules and legal paperwork is kept in one organized place. You can ind everything you need to effectively run your tattoo shop in a single place.
VocalReferences is a suite of tools that can be used by mall and medium sized businesses, web designers, digital marketing professionals, social media professionals to capture, display and share customer testimonials in text and video formats. Referrals can be build through video customer testimonials. VocalReferences easy, affordable and works with any website. Testimonials can be captured in the field or after the completion of the sales process. It is social friendly and plugins for various web platforms are included. Website traffic and sales can be enhanced by easily generating testimonials. A single social ratings display is offered to highlight your rating and reviews from all your social media accounts.
Dynata Insights Platform
Dynata Insights Platform is a single end-to-end solution that can be used by market researchers, marketers, and advertisers to address all their insights and advertising needs. Seamless access to a wide range of solutions and services can be provided to simplify the research process and increase efficiencies. Researchers and marketers will be able to build actionable insights, drive marketing campaigns at scale, and measure campaign effectiveness with Dynatas connected data solutions. Your workflows can be streamlined to let your team focus more on insights, and less on operations. Your entire insights journey can be simplified, standardized, and automated.
Localistico is a SaaS marketing solution that can be used by businesses to help drive customers to stores through local and geo-targeted searches. You can drive more traffic to your locations and get better insights easily with Localistico. Geo-targeted ads can be automated to drive local awareness and capture high purchase intent. The management of all your location data can be simplified with one secure platform. SEO optimized store pages can be automatically generated based on location data for your own website or landing pages for digital campaigns. Your location information can be optimized and online consumer engagement can be controlled across all major external platforms, from Google to TripAdvisor.

Customer Reference Management Software:

Customer Reference Management Software is a software that is used to  organize your customer information and daily activities in a single place so that you get more time to focus on growing your business and delivering great service.
Customer referral campaigns can be created and launched through multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop websites, as well as Android and iOS mobile app that will help businesses acquire new customers. A a simple one time installation is required that allow the users to integrate with various platform more easily without any help from developers.

Features of Customer Reference Management Software:

There are various features of Customer Reference Management Software. Some of the common features include customizable campaigns, in depth analytics, data export, multiple referrals and social sharing options, multiple rewards and events.

  • Users are enabled to promote their campaign through their digital properties and emailers.
  • Referral program performance can be gauged by tracking shares, clicks and successful referral conversions such as registrations, sales, mobile application installs.
  • Customers are allowed to send referral invites to their friends. The mobile app is installed once the friend accepts the invite and a coupon is send to the customer who referred their friend over email by the software.
  • Customers are allowed to participate in referral campaigns through the website of the user or any social media page.
  • Friends can be reffered by customer through multiple social channels. On any successful referral conversion, automatic mails are send to the referrers by the software.
  • The software can be accessed directly or through other leading CRMs by the revenue teams.
  • You can manage, protect, and leverage the voice of your customers in sales and marketing activities from live customer reference calls to events, case studies, and many more by robust admin and reporting functionality.
  • The insights can be provided at a glance with analytics that help monitor and increase reference program engagement by identifying the gaps and opportunities.
  • Data driven decisions can be made to optimize their voice of the customer programs, increase productivity, and demonstrate value

Benefits of Customer Reference Management Software:

Benefits of using Customer Reference Management Software include:

  • Your SMS Marketing, Customer Loyalty Program, Referral Program, and Online Reviews can be managed in one platform
  • Various customer marketing software can be consolidated in to a single software in one price.
  • The omni channel drip campaign can be used to send sms, email, voicemail and direct mail to your customers all in the same simple process.
  • You will be able to make conversation through messengers, emails, and calls from a single app by multi-channel communication by the teams.
  • Reference customer contacts and reference content can be requested, managed, and shared from a single centralized location that help increase reference program visibility and makes it easy for teams to use only official, approved assets.
  • The the burden on reference managers can be reduced by automating workflows. The turnaround times for customer reference requests can be accelerated by reference request and nomination workflows.
  • The adoption and engagement of reference program can be encouraged to increase by simple, defined processes.
  • Misusing and overusing customer references by the team can be prevented by tracking .
  • Your teams get access to the tools that allow them to grow their accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster and from any location.

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