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Vision Helpdesk
Vision Helpdesk is an all in one customer support help desk that allows you to manage various channels like e-mail, chats, web-forms, twitter, facebook, calls everything under single roof. It is is a centralized software that collects all customer support requests from different channels and manages them in one place. Customer engagement can be improved by helping sales teams to convert website visitors into paying customers with this secure, real time multi-company live chat messaging platform. the productivity of customer support team can be enhanced by giving them the ability to deliver quick and reliable support. It is a multi-company secure messaging platform that offer real time seamless communication and customer engagement.
Messenger Communication Platform
Messenger Communication Platform is a browser based software solution for customer communication through popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Viber and Telegram. The incoming customer inquiries can be resolved over one central platform with an intuitive interface and automation options by using this platform. Your customer communication can be managed more intuitively, professionally, and in full compliance with data protection regulations with Messenger Communication Platform. You can reach your customers over their preferred communication channel and communicate with them synchronously and asynchronously. The quality and efficiency of your customer service can be raised with simple automation processes. Customer inquiries can be resolved quickly and more interactively with pictures, videos, audio messages, and documents.
Freshdesk is a cloud based helpdesk system that unifies conversations from email, phone, web, chat and social, and helps you resolve issues across channels effortlessly. You can also automate workflows, offer convenient self-service options, manage SLAs, and generate reports with Freshdesk. Your team can continue supporting your customers without requiring excessive hand holding with intuitive onboarding process of Freshdesk. Freshdesk makes it easy for your team to provide support with no distractions with an intuitive UI that has been designed to boost agent productivity. Team performance can be tracked, customer satisfaction can be measured and bottleneck can be identified by using customizable dashboard and reports.

Customer Service Software:

Customer Service Software is a software that help you to manage, organize and respond to all customer service requests. You can track all customer service requests by using Customer Service Software. The one click reports make you understand your response times, get notified of unanswered emails and urgent emails from VIP customers. You can streamline all your customer conversations in one place, collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster and automate your repetitive work to save time.

Features of Customer Service Software:

Management of customer support tickets, a customer support portal, contract management and report creation are some of the main features of this software. Other features of Customer Service Software include:
  • Customer conversation is easier by streamlining the support channels such as email, chat and phone which makes it possible for you to respond to all your customer from one place.
  • Customer Service Software can track the performance of team members and customer satisfaction level so that you can identify the area of improvement in your business.
  • You can invite agents, colleagues, or external business partners to discuss and solve tickets through this software.
  • As the Customer Service software is easy to use and is customizable, it reduces customer effort and improves their satisfaction.

Benefits of Customer Service Software:

The most common benefits of customer service software include:
  • Customer service software streamlines the way your company handles all customer requests. A unique reference number is assigned to each request is automatically. This unique reference number will help you to quickly search for a request to find previous communication history and any issues associated with it. You can easily find the email of your customer when they contact your team for any support.
  • All your customer queries, issues, and suggestions are categorized, organized, scheduled, and well managed by storing everything in one place. You can create an customer service reports which is easy to read that show the trends and performance of your team so that you can see the progress of your team and identify the improvement areas.
  • You can set up and send an automated response including a unique reference number, customer support opening times and a link to your FAQs or knowledge base for every request that you receive with customer service software. This gives an assurance to the customer that you have received their request and you are now working on solving the issue.
  • You can route a request to the right place or person, with speed and accuracy by using Customer Service Software if the request is not related to your department. Customer service software can be configured to allocate the requests to the team members who can solve them immediately. You can also re-assign a request to your colleagues and they will get a notification with full details of customer profile and the issues they have experienced. So, the customer have to contact you only once and get the best solution eliminating the need to contact multiple times to several different people of different departments.
  • There is no need of of typing your entire terms and conditions in each email or repeating the same explanations again as you have the option to upload and use pre-written email support templates. You just have to select the pre-written response from your templates and insert it into your email which help you save time and respond quickly. You can ensure that all responses are well-written and informative by using the templates that are stored in the customer service software. This will result in a fast and high quality response.
  • Tracking of all your interactions with customers are done and stored in a Customer Service Software. So, you get all the details of the customers' profile whenever they call or email you. You just need to enter their email address or phone number to get the related information such as previous communication history, and/ or customer complaints. Customer service software becomes even more effective if it is integrated with your CRM system as the data will be centralized and all the departments in your company will be able to get the details of the customer's profile as well as all the history of interactions with your company at any time.

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