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Data Warehouse Software:

Data Warehouse Software is a software that is designed to process, transform and ingests data for data analysis instead of standard transactional processing. This data analysis helps in decision making within an organization. With the help of big data analytics software and data visualization software, integrated data from multiple disparate sources that provide business insights can be stored in single central repository of Data warehouse software. A data warehouse acts as a channel between operational data stores and supports analytics on the composite data. Data from all the department of a company including sales, finance, and marketing are stored in a data warehouse. Slices of data from the warehouse are stored in a data mart for quick access.
The data extracted from various data sources and loaded into the warehouse is normalized to support decision-making effectively for a data warehouse.It can be organized into tables, cleaned of redundancy and transformed for consistency by the process of ETL. Data warehouses software are used in a various industries, including banking, insurance, finance, healthcare and retail.

Features and Capabilities of Data Warehouse Software:

The following capabilities are provided by a Data Warehouse Software for data analysis:
  • It provides associated input, extract, and data management tools for preparation
  • Helpful in loading and normalizing structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data
  • Can be extracted from various source file that include flat files, excel, application data, etc.
  • Data transformation such as cleansing, deduplication, consistency can be done
  • Can provide a complete view of all enterprise data.
  • Support autonomous storage and processing optimization
  • Data reconciliation for various naming conventions can be done
  • It can be deployed on private or public cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud as well
  • Can be used as an automated infrastructure management
  • Features like Integrated machine learning algorithms and access controlled data sharing are available
  • Virtualized data warehouse can also be deployed for extra security and access control
  • It has in-built data encryption for high security requirement
  • Combining data from CRM automation tools, ERP, marketing automation platforms and supply chain management suites is possible using a Data warehouses to enable precise analytical reporting and intelligent decision-making.
  • Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tools can be used to pull trends and patterns found in the data.
  • A data warehouse software can be integrated with third party business Intelligence software, data science workflows, data lake, machine learning, and AI technology.

Advantages of Cloud Data Warehouse Software:

A modern cloud data warehouse is the best option to use in your business as it has many advantages. This include:
  • It is capable of handling a huge amount of complex data,
  • Based on the business requirements it can be instantly scaled up or down  
  • Will be capable of performing rapid advanced analytical queries
  • It contain limited infrastructure setup costs.

Things to be considered while buying a Data Warehouse Software:

  • As data warehouses are built to store and analyze data from different sources, while selecting a data warehouse, make sure that the data warehouses has built-in connectors for the sources you need to pull in data from, or supports the building of custom integrations.
  • Usually a data warehouses comes with a higher cost for high performance. So, choose a data warehouses that meets your requirement considering how much data analysis and manipulation you expect to perform in a day.
  • Make sure to choose a data warehouse with high stability, especially if your business is highly data driven.
  • It must be able to contain data from several or all branches of a company and serve as an archive for historical data.
  • Can integrate data prior to going into the data warehouse through an extract, transform and load (ETL) process.
  • Should allow users to perform queries and analyze the data stored inside the data warehouse.
  • Should offer multiple deployment options.

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