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Decorative Diya:

Decorative Diya or a simple diya is an essential part of  Indian culture that is been associated with Diwali, all kind of puja and other auspicious festivals.
These decorative diyas ranges from traditional Diwali diyas to the unconventional LED diyas to light up your home and make it more beautiful in any festival. Long brass hanging diyas, clay diya, LED diyas, akhand diyas and other decorative lights can be used as per your choice and decorative ideas that you want to implement during any festival.
LED diyas for Diwali is a new trend that is popularity now a day for its stunning look, convenience to decor and re-usability. A wide range of traditional brass hanging diyas that are available in multiple different shapes and sizes to suit the need of your home offers a vibe of royalty in their fit & finish. Diwali is called the festival of lights and it is one of the most prominent festivals that uses many decorative diyas. Usually lighting mitti ke diya is a traditional way to decor the home and celebrate the festival. It is the time of the year when houses are beautifully lit up with fancy lights and decorative clay lamps. Diyas are most important part of any celebrations and festivity in India. As lights signifies purity, happiness and prosperity, there is always the custom of lighting clay or brass diyas during any ceremonies, auspicious functions and prayers. Diyas are considered to drive away darkness and bringing about positivity, prosperity and goodness.

Types of Decorative Diyas:

You can find Decorative Diyas in many materials such as aluminium, brass, iron, clay or even wood that has a ethnic look. Decorative diyas come either in a single piece or as sets. However, buying an entire set makes it easier to arrange them together and also the arrangement looks better too. You can also find diyas with traditional patterns, flowers, Swastik, religious idols and many more design and pattern.
There are many types of diyas available in the market as well as online. Hanging diyas or table diyas, earthen lamp diyas, gold-plated diyas, brass diyas, silver diyas, iron diyas are some of the common example of different types of diyas.

Diya Candles:

Diya Candles are very tiny that looks beautiful and pretty when they are placed in glass containers. A set of decorated diya candles in different colors are perfect idea to make your home look bright and attractive in festive season. These are the most popular diyas that you can find in almost every Indian household.

Traditional Diyas:

Traditional Diyas are generally clay diyas that are commonly known as mitti ka diyas. The simple and elegant look of these diyas can bring out the perfect feel of any festival, especially Diwali. These diyas can also be hand painted to give them a new look and personal touch of your choice. A set of these traditional diyas together will be able to beautifully enhance the appeal of your home.

Decorative Colorful Diyas:

Decorative Colorful Diyas are usually made with decorative items such as glitter, mirror bindis and other embellishments. There are many unique patterns and designs of these diyas are available that include lotus-shaped, pot-shaped, and star-shaped diyas. Akhand brass table diyas, fancy brass table diya sets, designer diyas and brass diyas are some of the more attractive styles of decorative diyas available.

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