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Dentrix is a Dental management software that can be used by dental practice owners or office managers to handle notes and charting, submit insurance claims and send appointment reminders. Solutions for both sides of your practice, the business side and the clinical side is provided by Dentrix. Your practice can be build with integrated eServices innovative software that adds new capabilities to your system and products from top dental technology companies. Appointment Management, Charting, Claims Management,Client Management, Confirmation/Reminders, Hands-Free Charting, Imaging and X-rays, Medical Billing, Patient Records Management, Periodontal Charting, Progress Notes, Treatment Planning and Voice Capture are some of the features that can be included in Dentrix.
Curve Dental
Curve Dental is a cloud based dental practice management software that can be used by modern dentists for charting, scheduling, billing, imaging, invoicing, eClaims, ePrescribe, and more. Communications can be simplified and streamlined by having everything you need in one system with integrated Curve GRO patient engagement solution. It is ideal both for single and multi-location practices. 2D Drawing, 3D Imaging, Appointment Management, Calibration Management, Charting, Claims Management, Client Management, Confirmation/Reminders, Data Import/Export, Image Analysis, Imaging and X-rays, Medical Billing, Orthodontic Charting, Patient Records Management and Periodontal Charting are some of the features that can be included in Curve Dental.
Denticon is an all in one web based dental practice management software system that can be used by multi-location dental groups, medium-sized practices, solo and private practices, mobile dental clinics to enhance practice productivity, communications, and patient care. As everything scheduling to billing to patient communications is built-in, it help saves you money and time by eliminating third party tools and redundant multi-touchpoint processes. There is no security concerns and no need to worry about backups and off-site backup storage as automatic disaster recovery patient data back-ups are available with Denticon. You will be able to access, view records, schedules, reports, etc., from any device as it is cloud based.

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