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XrayVision is an open architecture digital imaging solution for capturing, enhancing, and displaying dental images. The best cloud dental software can be delivered and support your need to standardize processes, centralize data, implement change, and grow your dental practice. Faster bookings, appointment reminders, inter-clinic access to records and imaging and simple insurance billing are some of the benefits that can be provided to your team and the patients you serve. Manual effort can be reduced by pairing the accessibility of Apteryx imaging with the featues of the software. Processes can be streamlined across your organization to increase efficiency. The risk of a HIPAA breach can be reduced by eliminating vulnerable local data storage and empowering your IT team to view and manage one security system across your organization.
DentiMax is a complete, open imaging system that that works with other dental xray sensors, intraoral cameras, panoramic and cephalometric units to transform your practice and your patient experience. Dentimax offers in customizing the software as per the unique requirements of your office. The imaging software can be totally integrated with the practice management side to produce beautiful x-ray images. Appointment Management, Charting, Claims Management, Client Management, Confirmation/Reminders, Imaging and X-rays, Medical Billing, Patient Records Management and Treatment Planning are some of the features that can be included in DentiMax.
iDentalSoft is a cloud based practice management software for dental practices of all sizes to accelerate revenue and streamline operational workflow. Server crashes and IT hassles can be eliminated with easy to use cloud based software that can be used on any platform, any device, from anywhere. It will support multi-practice, multi-location operations with enterprise level features. Smart Scheduling, Intuitive Charting, Paperless Patient Portal, Automated Email/Text Reminders, Native Imaging, Billing, Reputation Management, Employee Management, Document Management, eClaims, Payment Plans and more can be included in iDentalSoft. Your patients will be able to send their information to you before the appointments and can pay over the portal. The chart can be populated automatically.

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