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Digital Duplicator:

Digital Duplicator, also known as a printer duplicator, is a printer that can be used for high volume print jobs.

Some facts about Digital Duplicator:


  • A reliable and cost efficient alternative to toner based copiers or offset printing equipment can be provided by using a Digital Duplicator as these are based on stencil (mimeograph) printing technology.
  • Images are reproduced with ink that is pushed through the microscopic holes on the master in stencil printing which is used in Digital Duplicators.
  • High volume printing at high speed and low cost can be possible with a digital duplicator.
  • A digital duplicato can be used in educational institutions, government offices, companies and print shops
  • The original document or images are digitally scanned and then transferred to a master template through a thermal imaging process. Then the master is wrapped around a print cylinder automatically,  where the ink is drawn through the perforations in the master by creating the print.
  • This entire process in a digital duplicator works without creating heat. It help reduce your office printing costs as no toner is required. Also, the time consuming process of replacing toner cartridges can be eliminated.
  • Digital duplicators are faster in comparison to other printing methods.
  • Generally 45 to 180 prints per minute can be produced, maintaining a low cost per page.
  • They are also considered very reliable as heat or copier components, such as toner is not used in it.
  • The basic function of a Digital Duplicator is same as that of a copier, that is it creates a copy of a document.
  • A stencil will be created and thermal imaging can be used to press copies onto pages by a duplicator.
  • A  certain amount of ink is consumed for each copy where as one cut of master is consumed for each original. The less cost per copy becomes when you make more prints as  a small amount of ink is consumed per each master when it is ejected.
  • Digital Duplicator is better than any other alternative as a master based process featuring superior cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability on long copy or print runs can be employed with easier opertating system.
  • The Drum Unit can be changed easily without making your hands dirty as a Drum Unit set with an ink cartridge is detachable from the mainframe.
  • You can send each colour of the document image separately if the Digital Duplicator is connected to your PC or Mac with Desk Top Publishing software. You can select color from the software and change the Drum Unit with each color for the multiple color run.
  • A duplicator might save money and time in the long run if you need to print single documents such as posters, single page newsletters, mailers etc in very high volumes.
  • Run lengths that are too long for copiers or laser systems and too short for offset printers can be easily handled by using a digital duplicator.
  • An economical, reliable solution to on-demand, production printing can be provided to the organizations by bringing many outsourced print jobs in-house for maximum control and cost containment.
  • Exceptional print quality, productivity enhancing features and low operating sound and cost can be provided at ultra high-speed.
  • You have the option to choose from more than 70 colors to print a variety of applications including newsletters, posters, calendars, menus, envelopes, brochures, postcards, and more.

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