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Digital Photocopier Machine:

Digital Photocopier Machine uses raster image processing (RIP) technology to store imagery of the original document in the machine as a set of pixilated information so that the stored image of information can be reused.

Some facts about Digital Photocopier Machine:


  • Digital Photocopier Machine comes in many different forms and with a range of functionality.
  • Digital Photocopier Machine are inherently multifunctional with added functionality, such as the ability to send an eact copy to another physical location, or scanning to send the digitally stored image to a computer terminal.
  • Inkjet and Laser are two main types of digital copiers that use different mechanisms to process the printed copy.
  • The common method of scanning the original document by RIP technology using a laser is used by an inkjet photocopier.
  • The inkjet technology in the digital photocopier machine is mainly used for the printing of the copy.
  • The maintainance of Inkjets Photocopier Machine is low with fewer moving parts involved.
  • Inkjets Digital Photocopier Machine are suitable for simple color photocopying at low volumes as the ink can often remain wet during printing if there is a lot of color variation in the original image. Also, the process of inkjet printing is slower than laser printing.
  • The common method of scanning the original document is also used by Laser digital photocopier machine. But, laser printing technology is used to print the copy.
  • Laser digital printers are reliable, faster and of high printing quality. These can be expensive. However, will have lower operating costs compared to an analogue photocopier.
  • A higher quality of photocopy can be produced instantly in a Digital Photocopier Machine than Analogue Photocopier Machine as the scanning of the original document uses optical technology to convert the result in to digital information in raster form as a copy image. Also, the intensity and other attributes can be changed to refine the quality of the scanned copy.
  • Acopy of the original can be scanned and retained in memory. It can be reprinted to ensure the copies cannot be distinguished from the original by adjusting the settings.
  • It is extremely time efficient and high volume photocopying is allowed without having to repeat the most important part of the process as a single scan of a document can be used to print multiple copies.
  • Productivity can be incresed as you need to observe only the first copy to ensure it is as desired, and the rest can be printed automatically as they are certain to be exactly the same.
  • Digital Photocopier Machine have lower operating costs than analogue photocopier machine.
  • Digital Photocopier Machine are more efficienct because of scanning and digitizing the scanned image for reuse as well as reprinting and adjusting its visual attributes saves on paper, ink and electricity. also, the ink cartridges for digital photocopiers are cheaper as they are widely available.
  • These are more environmental friendly than analogue photocopiers as they have less consumables to dispose of.
  • Less energy consumption is required for a Digital Photocopier Machine as it only need to commit a scan of a document once, no matter how many copies are required to be printed.
  • Automatic or timed power shut down, or sleep modes for a period of inactive use are few energy saving modes offered by most modern digital photocopier machines.
  • You can also configure settings for the copy, including scaling, multiple pages on a single sheet, duplex printing and different print settings to manage large volume sets apart from image quality adjustments and copier preferences.
  • The price of the digital photocopier depends on the number of features and the level of sophistication.
  • The usage, consumable supplies in the machine, such as paper and ink levels can be monitored by a meter that can be provided in many modern digital photo copier.
  • Security measures can also be included in advanced meters to monitor who and when the photocopier is used.

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