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Dinner Sets:

Dinner Set is a set of dishware used for setting a table while serving food and dining. Usually a dinner set is consist of cutlery, serving dishes, glassware and some decorative items. The quality, variety and number of components in a dinner set depends on the culture, religion, cuisine and occasion of a region. For example, cutlery usually means knives and related cutting instruments in United states where as cutlery includes all the forks, spoons and other silverware items in other part of the world.
Dishware items such as plates, dishes and bowls are usually made of pottery, ceramic materials such as earthenware, stoneware, porcelain or bone china. Table ware can be made of other materials such as wood, latten, silver, gold, glass, pewter, acrylic and plastic. Ceramic tableware are inexpensive and washable. You can find it as a single piece or as a matched set for a number of diners which is usually four, six, eight, or twelve place settings. Usually, cutlery is made of some kind of metal. Large pieces such as ladles that are used for serving can be of wood also.

Components of a Dinner set:

The components of a dinner set include:
Plates and bowls:
A variety of plates, bowls can be a part of dinner set that can be used for individual diners. It also include a range of serving dishes to serve the food in smaller dishes. Specific dinner plates, charger plates, lunch plates, dessert plates, salad plates or side plates are some of the examples of plates. Bowls can be used for soup, pasta, cereal, fruit or dessert. There are also individual covered casserole dishes along with a range of saucers that include  teacups, coffee cups, demitasses and cream soup bowls. The size of the plate varies depending up on the fuction where as dishes come in standard sizes. The standard size for a charger plate is 12 inches, dinner plate is 10.5 inches, dessert plate is 8.5 inches, salad plate is 7.5 inches and that of side plate or tea plate is 6.75 inches.
Drinkware such as glasses and mugs of various types are an important part of a dinner set as beverages are also served as a part of a meal.  Water glasses, juice glasses and hot chocolate mugs comes in variety of shape and designs. Port wine glasses, beer glasses, brandy balloons, aperitif and liqueur glasses are also part of drinkware that can be used to serve alcoholic beverages. Teacups and coffee cups including demitasse cups comes in different shapes and design depending on the culture and the social occasion in which the drink is taken.
Cutlery such as small salad fork, large dinner fork, large dinner knife, smaller butter knife, dinner spoon, soup spoon , fruit spoon or fruit knife, cheese knife, and pastry fork can be a part of dinner set and can be arranged in the table as per requirement.
Serving dishes:
A wide range of serving dishes are used to serve the food at table. These makes the food service easier and cleaner. Serving dishes are used to make the serving more efficient and pleasant. These include: butter dishes; casseroles; fruit bowls; platters, salvers, and trays; ramekins or lidded serving bowls; compotes; pitchers or jugs; salt and pepper shakers or salt cellars; vegetable or salad bowls;sauce or gravy boats; tureens and tajines. Teapots, coffee pots, samovars, sugar bowls, milk or cream jugs are used to serve tea or coffee as a part of the meal.

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