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Disposable gloves can minimize transfer risks that can caused by germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, solvents, chemicals or cancer-causing agents. They are very effective and protective for people who are exposed to germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, solvents, chemicals. Gloves comes with various material, comfort, fit, durability and personal preference.But latex gloves are mostly used by many labs, medical offices, cleaning companies and law enforcement agencies. You can also use latex gloves in your kitchen cleaning, personal care, painting, arts and crafts.  It offers you protection for every possible chore around the house, both indoor and outdoors. It gives you smooth finish for putting on and taking off. It also protects you from soap, detergent and oil or unclean water and other particles.

Disposable Gloves:

Disposable gloves are some of the most commonly used safety products in the healthcare industry.

Types of Disposable Gloves:

There are three main types of disposable safety gloves.
Latex gloves:
These are manufactured from natural rubber. Latex gloves are used by surgeons and doctors performing minor procedures.One of the main advantages of latex gloves is that they are very tactile and are hence highly preferred for sensitive applications like surgery. Another practical benefit of latex gloves is that very durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear.
Nitrile gloves:
These are produced from synthetic nitrile rubber. Nitrile is waterproof, greaseproof, oil proof and most importantly, chemical resistant to a range of common chemicals and substances. Nitrile gloves are also commonly used in the medical industry due to their high puncture resistance, and dexterous strength.
They are also being used by police officers, security guards, housekeepers, factory workers and veterinarians .
Vinyl gloves:
These are made from synthetic plastic polymer.
In general, latex gloves offer the best protection against bacteria and viruses, while synthetic gloves provide better chemical protection. Of the different types of latex-free gloves, nitrile gloves offer a higher degree of protection against viruses, besides the chemical protection they provide.
Nitrile has a higher puncture resistance than any other glove material. Nitrile also has a better chemical resistance than Latex or Vinyl gloves.
While soap or hand sanitiser can cause unpleasant soreness, latex gloves can cause allergic reactions and irritation.
Disposable gloves are usually manufactured with a service grading. The service grade of a disposable glove indicates the type of industry that it should be used.
Medical Usage:
These gloves are worn to prevent cross-contamination between patients and medical staff. They are also used for general hand protection when handling various sensitive things in a medical setting. Disposable gloves that are used in the healthcare industry are referred to as medical gloves.
Usually surgeons, doctors, laboratory technicians, nurses, caregivers, dentists and all other medical personnel wear these gloves. The most popular gloves used for healthcare are blue in color. But you can also get medical safety gloves in various shades of pink, purple, and even grey. These gloves undergo several rounds of testing before being markated including leak and puncture testing, and visual defect examination.
You can use disposable gloves to protect your hands from any kind of hazard.
Food Service Usage:
Special disposable gloves are used in the food service industry and restaurants to prevent cross-contaminating during food preparation and service. These gloves are also tested and approved by the FDA before being markated. Usually chefs, waiters, and various hospitality personnel wear these food service gloves. Like the medical disposable gloves, food service gloves undergo serious testing before they can hit the market. Food service gloves are usually white in color to Accenture the cleanliness or sterility of the hospitality industry.
Industrial Usage:
Disposable safety gloves that are used in various industries are referred to as industry grade gloves. These gloves are used in all kinds of industries including agriculture/farming, auto/aviation/marine, baby care/pet care, beauty/hair/nail, dairy/ranch, industrial/manufacturing, janitorial/cleaning, plumbing/painting etc. Most commonly used are Black nitrile and latex gloves in various industries. Black disposable gloves are used in these settings because they hide dirt and various smudges.
Home Use:
Disposable gloves are also used in our day-to-day home activities. Disposable gloves are worn when cleaning the house or while gardening. Disposable gloves for home use can be of any color. Black nitrile globes are commonly used for gardening and other household chores.
Always check the disposable gloves for any tears, punctures, fractures, cracks etc to avoid exposure to various hazards when wearing the gloves.
Although gloves can reduce the number of germs transmitted to the hands, germs can sometimes still get through latex. Hands can also be contaminated by back spray when gloves are removed after contact with body fluids.
You must also sanitize your hands after wearing gloves because it's very difficult to remove gloves without contaminating your hands during removal. This transfers organisms from the gloves to your skin.

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