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CargoPlanning is an online scheduler that can be used by commercial and manufacturing companies which produces or sell products in any industry. Solutions can be provided to easily manage complex processes in the logistic chain and streamline the shipping activity. the software can be integrated with your ERP to streamline communication. It can be used as a SaaS in the cloud or can be installed on premises. You can keep track of your KPI's with customized reports. Access can be granted for carriers and clients to your data. You can get e-mail and SMS notifications on the status of the orders. CargoPlanning can be used in managing your day to day shipment assignment and tasks. Shipments can be allocated to carriers. You can exchange documents, create forecasts, and export reports.
TimeTrade is a Dock Scheduling Software that can be used by organizations to optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship. Solutions can be provided for organizations that need to solve complex challenges scheduling multiple locations, staff and resources in the retail, banking and technology industries. Artificial intelligence can be used by Appointment Scheduling platform of TimeTrade to improve meeting scheduling strategies through real time customer insights and actions, resulting in better meetings and higher growth businesses. TimeTrade's Appointments can be used as a service platform for leading banks, retailers, and software companies. The times you are available for the different appointments and calls can be created and adjusted.
YardView is a cloud based yard management software that can be used by distribution centers and manufacturing plants to track assets, manage gates, docks and yard drivers. The movement of inventory and real time location of drivers can be tracked by using YardView. Your operation can be streamlined and insight into all activity can be gained in real time with visibility consoles, dashboards and customized reports. You will be aware of the status, contents, type, detail, damage tracking, seal verification, reefer audits and more. the software is customized for each operation. Dispatch Management, Dock Management, Alerts/Notifications , Exception Notification, Gate/Access Control, Maintenance Management, Multi-Location, Seal Management, Self Service Portal, Task Management, Trailer Management and Workflow Management are some of the features that can be included in YardView.

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