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AltoSign is blockchain-based software that removes paper and physical contact. Open the application, connect with other signees via live video or chat for signing documents digitally.
dMACQ DMS is a Document Management Software that contain all functionalities to consolidate all your document and content management on to one single platform. The DMS can be integrated with all recognized ERP applications. Detailed capabilities can be provided to organize data for any organization. Bulk as well as automated data uploads are made available through easy to use interfaces. Automated reports can be generated based on user defined criteria and user can configure their own dashboard information. Multiple distinct pre-organized searches are available for quick retrieval of information and users can also define and bookmark search criteria. Advanced tools can be provided by the dMACQ PDF manager for page insertions, annotations, digital signatures, automated re-indexing and related advanced controls.
EisenVault is a digital Document Management System which is VAPT and ISO 27001 Certified. The web based user interface is modern and easy to use that help reducing the learning curve. You will be able to access it even when you are on the move as it is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. You can have complete control over the lifecycle of your data and documents with secure controls and cloud based access from anywhere. Processes around document actions like approvals, filing etc. can be automated. All your company's documents can be kept in one secure central location.
Greenbox is an unique document management system with an advanced integrated business process management system that helps in storing, tracking, retrieving, and managing documents while having centralized access. Complete safety and confidentiality of the documents are taken care by the software. Your content can be easily stored, shared, modified and streamlined. Custom metadata can be added to organize and search your documents. Entire documents can be shared with individuals or groups, maintaining granular control over the actions on the shared document. All your documents and files can be accessed from a central repository as your data are stored on the cloud, private cloud, or on-premise .

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