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There are two categories of dry fruits as dehiscent and indehiscent. The dehiscent dry fruits refers to seeds contained in a pod and the indehiscent dry fruits refers to those that are not found in a seedpod. There are different types of dry fruits which includes pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds. Most expensive dry fruits are walnut and almonds as they have huge value for brain, health, fitness and other medical values. Dry fruits are good source of healthy nutrients and many of them are considered super foods due to their high nutritional value. Nuts are also known as dry fruits.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits

The best time to eat dry fruits is early in the morning to get the maximum benefits. You can eat dried fruit in anytime of the day as a snack. The best result you get of dry fruits is if you soak them in water overnight and use them in the morning. They contain more calories than the fresh ones. So always eat it in moderation.

Best Dry Fruits That Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Some of the of dry fruits can boost your metabolism, which is very helpful for losing weight includes i.e almonds, pistachios, cashews, dates, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, apricots, raisins, prunes. Most dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fibre and vitamins add to that they are tasty and delicious too. It is recommended to eat dry fruits like apricots, walnuts and pistachios to stay healthy.

Buy dried fruit online at cheapest & wholesale price on Getatoz. Dry fruit export zones in India are Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir. There are 20 different types of dry fruits in India. Dried fruits are so expensive as the production is not easy. It requires more labor, more energy, and more equipment which in turn increase the price. Pine nuts (chilgoza) are the most expensive dry fruit. The top 3 producers of nuts and dried fruits are the United States, Turkey and China.

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