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E Bikes

E Bikes
Price : $ 500 / Piece

Electric Trails

Goodwill Appts, Delhi, Delhi, 110085, India

Brand New E Bike

Brand New E Bike
Price : $ 500 / Piece

Trusted gadgets store

6428 Clarendon avenue Phoenix Arizona , Phoenix Arizona , Arizona, 85033, United States

“Newtron” low speed electric scooters Z350 60v29ah - No Registration/License required

“Newtron” low speed electric scooters Z350 60v29ah - No Registration/License required
Price : Rs 77900 / Piece

Newtron Electric Private Limited

K.P. XIII/98E, Chengarappally Towers, Kumbalam , Kochi, Kerala, 682506, India

“Newtron” Low speed electric scooters Z350 60v28ah - No Registration/License Required

“Newtron” Low speed electric scooters Z350 60v28ah - No Registration/License Required
Price : Rs 57900 / Piece

Newtron Electric Private Limited

K.P. XIII/98E, Chengarappally Towers, Kumbalam , Kochi, Kerala, 682506, India

Electric Bike:

Electric Bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor, a battery, and a controller.

Some facts about Electric Bike:


  • Human power is augmented by the electric component used in an Electric Bike.
  • You need to consider the power ratings of motors in an electric bike while purchasing it. The power ranges from 200W to 1,000W or more.
  • The bike will be able to pull more weight with greater ease if it has a higher rating.
  • The design and location of the motor plays an important role in the working of an electric bike.
  • Hub motor is the most common type of motor for electric bikes which can be integrated into the rear or front wheel. It pulls or pushes the wheel along when engaged. However, it is not efficient on hills and varied terrain as it is not connected to the gears of the bike.
  • The weight, style, and range of an electric bike is affected by its battery.
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) is a type of battery that were used in electric bike previously. But now, newer battery technologies has been adopted to keep the bike as lightweight as possible as these are heavy and bulky as well as offer a shorter riding range. These batteries also require more maintenance, and need to be charged immediately after use. However, these are inexpensive with shorter life span of about 100-300 full cycle charges.
  • Lithium are the newest technology in batteries which has a lifetime of 2 to 3 times that of an SLA battery.  Lithium batteries are lighter and also require very less maintenance. It has longer life span of about 800 charges and a longer riding range can be offered. However, these are more expensive.
  • The controller plays an important role in the working of an electric bike that lets you operate the electric assistance on your electric bike. These are available in a variety of styles with two main styles including pedal-activated and throttle-based controllers. It is located on the handlebar for easy use.
  • Electric assistance is offered by Pedal-activated systems as you press down on the pedals. Simple pedaling will work and there is no need to engage a throttle. The level of assistance can be adjusted when you pedal as the controller mounted on the handlebar.
  • The throttle can be either a twist-grip type or a thumb-press type in Throttle-based controllers. the electric assistance can be offered by simply pull back or press the throttle with a throttle. You just need to activate the throttle, which will allow you to ride without pedaling in some electric bikes.
  • Overall. electric bikes are simple to use, ride, and maintain.
  • Electric bicycles have three modes of operation available to you that are designed to be very easy to operate.
  • You can pedal an electric bicycle just the way you would do with a regular one in Pedal only mode. In this mode it will feel exactly as a regular bicycle would as no extra resistance is created by the motor.
  • You can take advantage of combined human plus electric power in Pedal-Assist mode. Electric power will be provided by the motor gently as you pedal once this mode is turned on through the on/off button on the handlebars. You can take advantage of more torque or faster speed when the terrain changes by switching the gears.
  • The pedal-assist mode can make cycling effortless and flattens out the hills, so that you can just enjoy yourself and the scenery.
  • Three levels of assistance can be provided by the Pedal-assist mode including Low (30 percent), Medium (60 percent) and High (100 percent). The additional power provided by the motor to complement your pedaling is indicated by these percentage. An additional 30 percent of power is added to your pedaling in the low setting, while in the high setting it is doubled. You can switches you through the different levels by a simple press of a button.
  • You can sit back and take a break in Electric-Only mode, as you let the motor do the work. You can simply twist the throttle located on the left handlebar to  use 'electric only' mode. The motor will kick in and propel you forward.
  • The top speed in electric-only mode is limited to 20 miles per hour and the motor power must be no more than 750W due to Federal regulations.
  • There is no need for special registration, license, or insurance to operate an electric bike.
  • It is quieter and causes less pollution as it manages to run on electricity.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes:

Some of the disadvantages of Electric Bikes include:

  • Electric Bikes are expensive compared to a standard bike. The expense is only expected to increase with time as the costs because of a battery replacement are included in this as well.
  • The cost will me more in the long run as the life span of most standard e-bike batteries are only for 2 to 3 years.
  • The production of electric bikes and their batteries are also harmful to the environment.
  • The batteries of most of electric bikes begin to deteriorate the moment you start using them frequently.
  • Lead-acid batteries gets damaged if the bike is not used for long periods of time or if you overcharge them.
  • You would have no other choice but to wait for the battery to charge if you suddenly run out of battery life unexpectedly which would require at least 4 to 6 hours to charge completely.
  • The speed and the ability of bike to conquer steeper roads and terrains is less because of their hefty weight. Usually these are heavier than standard bikes. It  can be a real problem if  electric bike does not have speed-boosting capabilities.
  • However,  lightweight lithium-ion batteries are now incorporated into the body of most electric bikes to solve these problems.
  • It can be hard to find a mechanic for your electric bike when a certain part is malfunction as these models are not that well known.
  • Production of electric bike are not at all environmentally friendly as it require burning coal or fossil fuels. Even lithium-ion battery parts can not be 100 percent recycled.
  • Electric Bikes are still reliable vehicles for a lot of people regardless of their disadvantages .

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